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5 major identification standards for customized computer bag manufacturers

by:Huide     2021-06-13
Work is not necessarily in the office, you may also meet customers or travel on business. Nowadays, because of the high frequency of movement of computers, computer bags have become another popular trend of backpacks. When we choose computer bags, we must also consider his burden. Function, whether a bag is comfortable or not is basically determined by the design of the carrying system. The carrying system is usually composed of straps, waist belts and back cushions. A comfortable bag should have wider, thicker and adjustable straps, waist belts and back cushions. , The back pad is best to have a perspiration ventilation slot. Therefore, most companies choose practical and symbolic computer bags for their gifts every year. As employee welfare products, the biggest advantage of customized computer bags is to meet the practical needs of employees. It virtually promotes the corporate brand image. The price/performance ratio is the highest. So, what are the standards for custom computer bag manufacturers? Here are the editors one by one.   One, a strong Ru0026D team. The Ru0026D team is the next step after the design team. It mainly hires professional luggage craftsmen who have rich luggage experience. They can find materials, ingredients and correct quality according to the design team’s drawings, and produce the best samples for customers. . If there is no Ru0026D team, the manufacturer will not be able to produce samples quickly, fail to meet the individual requirements of each customer, and lack more professional technology to solve the problem of sample modification.   2. Professional design team. Computer bag manufacturers are responsible for production, so it is common to outsource the design in many cases. Only mature computer bag manufacturers will set up a professional design team. Set up a professional design team. When confirming the design concept, directly submit the design to the manufacturer’s design team to directly design the draft. If changes are needed, the problem can be solved quickly in communication, and there is no need to change the design, and then send the message to the computer bag. Manufacturers then make changes. If both parties are one family, they can quickly communicate and place orders directly to increase the delivery speed.   Three, powerful production equipment. Production equipment is one of the tests of the strength of a computer bag manufacturer, and it is also the most important point. A professional manufacturer must have equipment such as cutting machines, flat cars and high-speed cars for making computer bags, as well as 3-4 assembly lines, fast supply time, and good production quality.   Fourth, the corresponding computer package cooperation case. With the advent of the Internet age, business operations have become transparent, and luggage manufacturers cannot convince customers without strong cooperation cases or partners. For example, the corporate group he cooperates with is published on its website without reservation. There are Huawei employee computer backpacks, TCL business backpacks and Dell, and they also use computer bags as corporate employee welfare computer backpacks.   5. Excellent sales team. The sales team is the display card of each enterprise and the main target for building customer bridges. Sales are very important for manufacturers, but even more important for customers. The whole transaction process is that the customer gets a professional understanding from the sales side. In the understanding, it is the patient explanation of the sales, the heart-to-heart follow-up and the delivery time and product progress are provided. Having a professional sales can make communication between manufacturers and customers easier and more direct. 

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