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After 90's standard backpack should be like this

by:Huide     2020-06-22

as the representative of the young now society after 90 s of people standard backpack should be what kind of? Let the backpack order small make up show you step by step. Take you into the world of the backpack, let you in a sprawling complex of backpack find shining stars in the ocean.

as the appearance of a backpack style is very important, we can see in the street before such a very popular bag ( The figure below) , it can be said that this is a special functional strong mummy bag, because of its inside has a variety of targeted receive a function, and to receive the characteristics of the space is large, very suitable for a young lady with children use. Although popular for a long time but with a professional look at the backpack with a serious deficiency in the widely popular among all ages and classes.

in a period of precipitation, there is always a heart handbag factory this backpack for function optimization to improve appearance, cut to receive some of the extra space, adjust the backpack appearance makes it more neat, founder remove edges, each place accessories and backpack overall in-depth integration, even the size of the design is very suitable for 1. Ms 65 meters of use, the overall result and mommy version is different from before, and it looked very much like is the sublimation of the ugly duckling into a white swan. 90 after the smell of young people in this kind of beauty has been unable to resist. Quietly back behind, as a very appropriate accessories began to show personal style.

more based on the existing backpack backpack manufacturer design and design a variety of color is tie-in, multicolor design is reasonable, after all, someone like red in color preferences someone like yellow also somebody likes blue, all tastes! Only one color objectively can't really get most of the people.

improved style charm is more than that, even Internet stir Lin Xiaozhai consciously platform for this model. It looks really beautiful very harmonious, back up is a bonus.

even the famous TV series 'the parents at the weekend' make use of this style as parent-child backpack, just show the charm of this backpack is unstoppable, but also a backpack on a wave of popular style, durable. Which is as a luggage manufacturer small make up recommend after 90's strong reason.

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