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Analysis of common problems in computer briefcase customization

by:Huide     2021-05-13
Computer briefcases are used very frequently for professionals. Some companies will uniformly customize some computer briefcases and give them to employees to make it easier for employees to go out to work. When it comes to computer briefcase customization, the editor will tell you today Talking about the analysis of common problems in computer briefcase customization, let's understand it together. 1. The style of the computer briefcase is customized. For the choice of style, you can choose the manufacturer's existing style or the style designed by the custom party. It is worth noting that the cost of choosing the manufacturer's own style is higher than that of the custom party. The style is lower. Therefore, when a brand-new style is produced, the manufacturer has to re-verify the materials, workmanship, etc. After this series of processes, the cost will increase, so the customized price is slightly higher. 2. Choose the material of computer briefcase. There are many materials to choose from. If a company customizes a computer briefcase, the selected material should have a texture. After all, the employee’s computer briefcase has to face the customer directly when they are out of office. If the material and quality of the computer briefcase are not good, it will directly affect the customer's impression of the company. Therefore, when customizing the briefcase, pay attention to choosing a better material.  3. The size of the briefcase should be mainly portable.    The size of the briefcase should not be too large, otherwise it will be very inconsistent with the combination. Generally, the briefcase is the appropriate size as long as it can easily fit unfolded A4 paper documents. Therefore, when customizing a briefcase, you must remember the size selection. Don't choose a larger briefcase with excessive pursuit of capacity, so as not to match it daily.  If you want to customize a briefcase, please look for it! It is a comprehensive production-oriented enterprise mainly engaged in professional design, production, and customized sales of various bags, leather goods and products. From planning, design, proofing, material selection, production, processing, distribution, after-sales, invoicing, etc., to serve customers throughout the process. With real prices, excellent quality, and good reputation, it has won praise in the industry and is a trusted manufacturer of luggage !
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