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Analysis of common problems in trolley case customization

by:Huide     2021-08-16
The manufacturing process of the trolley case is much more difficult than that of the backpack. Therefore, when customizing the trolley case, it is easy to encounter many problems. Today, the editor will tell you about the common problems of the trolley case customization. Let’s take a look. Right. 1. case shape customization problem There are many styles of trolley cases on the market, including conventional and cartoon characters. When customizing trolley duffel cases, some customers will require manufacturers to make relevant trolley cases according to their own design drawings. But not all manufacturers are free to make any shape of the trolley case. The production of the trolley case requires mold opening. If the style requested by the customer is not available in the manufacturer, then the mold needs to be reopened. The mold can be opened before further production. , But for some manufacturers with insufficient strength, mold opening is the biggest problem, because there is no ability to open a brand new mold, and the cost of mold opening is very high. The cost of mold opening is required to be customized, so no matter what From the perspective of the manufacturer or the customer, it is not recommended to choose a very complicated style trolley duffel case for customization. Finally, choose the style that the manufacturer has, so that both parties will save time, effort and money. 2. The quantity problem of custom-made trolley cases Due to the complicated production process, the minimum order quantity requirements for customization are relatively high. If only a few or dozens of them are customized, the quantity is too small, and most manufacturers will choose to save costs. No orders are accepted, so if the number of customizations is really small, it is recommended to choose the manufacturer's spot models, so as not to find the manufacturer due to the small number of customizations, and waste manpower and material resources. 3. The custom cycle of the trolley duffel case is more complicated due to the complicated production process, and the custom cycle of the trolley case is also relatively long. Therefore, you must pay attention to the timing before making the order, lest the time is up and the goods cannot be delivered. It is worth noting that the production The cycle generally refers to the time period from the time the production order is placed to the manufacturer’s shipment after the customer confirms that the sample is satisfied. The production cycle of most manufacturers is about 15-25 days, but it should include the communication between the customer and the manufacturer in the early stage and the early proofing Confirmation (the time required for proofing is generally about a week), the entire time period is basically more than 25 days, so before the timing of the trolley box, the buyer should prepare in advance to avoid the time is up, but your own goods It's not good if it can't be completed.   case customization is still troubled by finding a factory? Choose, quality and delivery time are assured. As a benchmark enterprise in the luggage duffel customization industry in Guangdong, it has been focusing on the production and research and development of backpacks and is committed to providing valuable luggage duffel customization services!
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