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Analysis of custom backpack what are the secrets

by:Huide     2020-07-29

nowadays bags.com/backpacks' target='_blank'>backpack has become essential travel close-fitting tools on the city, for this backpack manufacturer of bags design is more and more, suitable for all kinds of human use. No matter what age paragraph the person can you like backpack on his back. White-collar men wears a shirt, pants, shoes back on the temperament of a business man backpack straight into the sky. Summer, the girls will pack a light bright small backpack, can match a beautiful dress, and light itself is the first choice for girls. Even walking in the street elders will back a double shoulder to receive usual nagato essential goods. But really choose a suitable for his backpack will need to be under a lot of work. As the bag manufacturer to introduce custom today will give you the mystery of the backpack:

first, custom backpack: how to choose the fabric fabric

fabric as the main use of material of backpack, is absolutely can not be ignored in the custom. Choose the fabric must oneself haruko choose the best. Because choose the fabric in the process of factory customized backpack can't understand you more than yourself to want what fabric. Also an Oxford cloth fabric, for example, from the thickness of the 300 d and 1200 d to distinguish there are dozens of different fabrics, combined with what nylon cloth, canvas, with glue without glue fabric above hundreds of species, the same material differs character display weave pattern is completely different, seemingly the same as the fabric is not the same as the actual weave out effect is completely different. Even the same kind of fabrics of different colors to effect will be a big gap. So it is recommended that you make to order a backpack before custom package better is you have the right samples, request factory according to the fabrics of the backpack like this. The chances for such relatively deviation will be much lower.

second, custom backpack how to control the work

the quality of the workmanship is each customer all hope, but often a problem often occurs in the custom. How high are the high quality? Sometimes customers and factories with the understanding of a word is not the same. If you are tired of the requirements of the manufacturers, it is no use to do a better quality, even basic is nonsense, then you before the backpack on the need to do is clear himself want to what kind of quality, and then demand, according to your request with a sample to achieve satisfied after, after all big goods production constant work according to the sample standard and quality. If your custom quantity slightly larger, don't skimp on manufacturer request the sample charge. Reproduction must confirm good sample orders not direct production, once the work quality cannot achieve satisfaction will be a dispute.

third, custom backpack how to choose the zipper

although said in a backpack zipper is not backpack major cost, but also never when the custom fit and relaxed. Especially the main pocket zipper once loss in the process of using a lot of bad, that's a real hassle. Basic main zipper in the use of the backpack if broken bag, its choice and there is only one fate: throw it away. No carrying a backpack everywhere open, so the backpack zipper ( Especially the main zipper) Responsibility and mission is very important. A texture work again good backpack no can stand the test of the zipper is white pull. Good zip up voice is not large also not smooth, the lab looks on both sides of the dense thick ( The effect of not sparse as nets) 。 Pull over and over again one hundred times also not see any change. Zip up and wrinkled, voice is very big, or lab is very thin very thin, if done again and again, there will be a line on the backpack, tooth, bite, not tooth, and so on and so forth. So you are advised to be repeated tests prior to order backpack backpack zipper pass.

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