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Analysis of make up bags custom logo?

by:Huide     2020-07-28

believe that a lot of people in daily life bags custom also know some. But you know how to make bags custom logo is? There are two main types of bags custom logo, a kind of situation is on the existing finished goods bags custom logo, the other is a logo from scratch in the process of custom bags works. No matter what a way to make the logo needs to be several ways to create. Small make up today will give you briefly analyze the several bags custom logo making way.

bags custom logo by screen printing

screen printing in the bag is very common in the custom. Also is to use a screen material made after plate burning, there will be a figure of silk screen material surface barrier removal, made into hollow out state, hollow out parts keep silk screen ink ensures leakage. Then bags or bags material piece fixed on the frame, need color ink by screen printing workers used for coating process. Of course if you want to ensure the quality of the bag surface printing, this is also related to many factors. Silk screen material selection to ensure that correct permeation effect, have burrs, printing bao hou effect etc. Right choices can ensure that after the printing ink properties combined with bags on the surface of solid, not easy to fall off. Workers of the printing skills is to ensure that the overall print quality important segment. Of course this way of printing logo also has its own limitations, in general more suitable for custom bags from scratch. So can start printing, directly from the material to ensure material phase printing make mistakes cost reduction. But some of the more complex color and gradient of this way of silk screen printing logo is not recommended. Because of its complete high difficulty result is bad.

bags custom logo USES the ink brush

bags and thermal transfer logo is made by ink color spray equipment in the special material spurts India will take film graphic logo you need. Then automatically after carving down. Each pictures separately by the artificial mode, USES the heating of the tile will take pictures with logo above the membranes of the transfer film laminating to bags or bags of material surface. This kind of suitable for the thermal transfer printing color logo and multicolor logo.

bags custom logo brand sewing with glue

rubber brand sewing is also a common bags custom way, also is the logo made into small rubber plastic CARDS before, then glue brand made in bags sewing way positive or surface. This way make the logo by a table the good thing is the logo color and effect of sustained, display effect is marked.

bags custom logo USES the metal sign

the metal brand logo is a kind of commonly used bags custom logo. Is to need to customize logo made metal badge. , of course, does not know need time to do this only to much longer, because of the need to open the production of metal abrasive tool to produce need logo sign. If this process in order to save time also can use finished metal card and laser engraving logo. Of course or open mold making logo effect is much better. The combination process made the logo in the bag surface is striking, can improve package quality.

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