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Backpack cleaning techniques

by:Huide     2020-07-12

for bag material is different from the clothes, so pack cleaning become a difficult problem in daily life, this bag factory still has a lot of backpack cleaning techniques available to you. Sometimes after a backpack dirty cleaning found that seem to appear the phenomenon of deformation, and back up as before no longer comfortable, this is because in the process of cleaning didn't pay attention to some details and don't understand the way of clear lead to the result. So what should be how to clean the backpack is right? Here, as many years of experience in custom bag manufacturer to recommend some cleaning method of backpack.

one of the cleaning method of backpack

if the surface of the backpack found no special dirty, or just the local appeared a little bit of dirt, you will need to put the backpack in the direct water cleaning, can use towel to wipe cloth or soft brush to clean where stolen goods, but need to remind, when processing in the process of cleaning not too hard, the purpose is to avoid being clean area compared with other parts of the surface of the backpack, the produce off color.

the second cleaning method of backpack

after cleaning the backpack, is to make it as soon as possible dry. But remember, don't put the hot sun exposure, the best in the open air, The balcony of ventilated corridor, backlight, etc. ) , let the bag dry naturally. In addition some backpack, because the material is special also should pay more attention in cleaning. Need to know the manufacturer to provide cleaning before cleaning instructions, so as not to damage in the unconscious in the process of cleaning the backpack.

cleaning method of backpack # 3

if the table during a meal did not mean to make bag surface oil pollution and so on. This is also very good, can be increased in the process of cleaning lotion or shampoo to wash, can also use professional backpack detergent, then rinse off the surface of the cleaner, so clean bag looks back to the same.

cleaning methods of backpack

a lot of other people when they travel or travel back backpack, backpack in the use of the long time, after the end of the journey: remember to clean the backpack with water soak for 30 minutes first, again for washing, lest produce microbes in the backpack, or perishable groceries card in bearing system or sponge mold or bacteria.

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