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Backpack custom in different season have different change

by:Huide     2020-07-22

different season bags custom have different changes, the spring is coming, all of you will take off the thick coat in winter, wear bright clothes for sun and TaoHongLiuLu. Backpack as essential objects to work, also need to match, of course, replace the back of a winter or black or grey colour. Today we have from the backpack custom color is tie-in, talk about what kind of bag is suitable for what kind of season and what kind of dress. How to collocation to coordinate of beauty.

if you are a young girl's gens going to work, in the spring season of female wearing blue jeans white shoes with flat, pale blue cardigan, had better have a stocking cap, I believe you back a plain coloured backpack will goes well. There won't be hundred heads coordination and beautiful is what is make you feel uneasy, thought I had done something wrong.

if you are a young man, working in the business center. Business bag is your good choice. In a plain leisure suits, brown leather shoes in euro, neatly breaking hair slightly on the pick. Back on a music style of square backpack must be decorated with a little leather, above your image can be said to be perfect.

Beijing in summer, of course, relative to the weather was very hot, what kind of custom bags are not appropriate, in fact, what is the best choice knapsack all don't back, is usually as far as possible to prepare a small handbag hold very small objects, such as cell phones, keys and CARDS. After all in the season to wear short sleeve all sweaty who are reluctant to increase the thickness.

in the fall and winter is the backpack custom good season, often at this time of the backpack custom design also very diverse, selectivity is very big also. Business bag, leisure bag, anti-theft backpack backpack, travel bag, hard shell, etc. What kind of backpack is fit for this season, bags custom or great correlation with seasons and different season of of course to wear different clothes back backpack.

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