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Backpack custom manufacturers need to have what power

by:Huide     2020-06-27

industry backpack custom manufacturer is multifarious, various manufacturers ability and scale is uneven. Want to customize backpack exactly how to choose the bags custom manufacturer. In fact, also is not difficult as long as the focus of the focus on several aspects you can clearly distinguish the manufacturers suitable for your choice of how objects, small make up today will give you parse the backpack custom for what should be the power to better serve customers.

a, backpack with the ability to design custom manufacturers to meet the needs of customers,

as a knapsack custom manufacturer received numerous customer demand, customized, there is no design ability will be unimaginable advisory order. Because each time the backpack to customize the needs of customers are not in the hand molding samples let you to copy, most of the time are you out of the needs of the customers have a general some schemes, new design according to the selected scheme, or modify the design part, this time without involving the ability to project would stagnate or is one of the most original and most expensive way to respond to the customer, it is proofing. If direct details a version of the customer can select that is very lucky, Basic impossible) 。 But the client had not selected is not willing to give you a second chance. Has the ability to design the manufacturer directly out 3 version of the blueprint for the customer to choose proofing again after confirmation, it is conceivable that experience is fairly good. This order is unlikely to be you.

2, production personnel enough to satisfy the customer many hit single production

as a backpack custom manufacturer did not have enough production personnel that is not enough, because the bag production belong to labour-intensive work most of the work is artificial to complete. Even into the era of high-tech is not a substitute for this kind of manual labor. Even with advanced computer cutting bed/computer automated equipment cannot be completely independent work, are all have the effect of the auxiliary artificial, did not change personnel manual labor the nature of work. So as a backpack custom to must want to have enough production personnel to good backpack manufacturers. As demand for client can door-to-door on-site inspections can clear understanding of the backpack factory actual situation.

3, the production equipment to complete to meet the needs of the various production process

in the process of backpack custom needs to process a lot of, but in the industrial chain of division of labor in the match and can't really every process in their own hands. But can control and control process also reflects a backpack manufacturers more the normal operation of power, also can cooperate in the industrial chain crisis stronger under the condition of independent ability, to the best of ability to delivery on time. Able to grasp the process requires the introduction of production equipment, cutting machine from cutting material process to the flat car machine, computer automatic flat car machine, automatic computer embroidery machine, screen printing equipment, high car machine, large shaft machine, nailing machine, packaging machine, and so on equipment bag factory can arrange to the canal as to produce good quality bag.

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