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Backpack custom price calculation and process

by:Huide     2020-06-28

a lot of companies have backpack now custom demand, could be as a gift to employees or customers, may also be used as the company material. And every company need to customize logo to meet the requirements of the enterprise image, so as the enterprise all need to know what are the problems in the process of backpack custom. Let small make up to help you comb combing backpack manufacturer.

the first, quantity, as the demand you consider above all is how much we need to customize a backpack? This is a key factor, as a manufacturer of backpack custom number factors determine the price and production standards. If the number is not satisfy the minimum quantity, the advice you can get some finished products in taobao backpack and see whether can customize logo. If the quantity can more than meet the minimum standards that you need the next step is to do what style. If you have large number it needs to communicate with factory in detail every detail and customized, according to strict standard manufacturers about prices.

second, standard, this factor can guarantee the accuracy of your backpack custom inquiry in the process of the accuracy of the price. Such as material, size, process, parts material, net weight, printing, finished product requirements, the inner packaging, packaging, boxes, standards, etc. Of course for some enterprises to clear standard is so hard, but that it does not matter, if you can find a oneself to do bag samples that everything is settled. If you said our backpacks are designed without reference to do anything before, that it does not matter, that is what the next step.

third, proofing, this one can be said to be the essential steps in the backpack custom, according to the sample bag or according to the drawings we can give you hit the right samples, when you decide the sample with the most accurate prices also came out.

version of the division in the proofing process has completely got the control of the backpack and lining cloth, fabric, accessories, and other using standard and artificial man-hours budget.

4, the production, only in the link of the backpack custom can in order to be able to enter the formal production process, this process is relationship production period for the demand, so as the manufacturer is for on time delivery, this is the biggest to the customer is responsible for the

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