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Backpack customization, don’t step on these thundering spots

by:Huide     2021-05-30
, don’t step on these thunderbolts on personalized backpack customization. Today, backpack design customization has become the first choice for many customers to pursue uniqueness. If you don’t want to collide with others, custom-designed backpacks are available in the market. The only one on. However, the difficulty factor of backpack design customization is higher than other types of backpack customization, and some lightning spots are prone to appear during the design and customization process. If you do not pay attention to avoiding these thunder during the design and customization process, you may fall into the pit. Below, the custom backpack only talks about the thunder points that backpack design customization is easy to encounter, I hope you will not step on the custom backpack.  1. Costs for custom backpack design. Leiden    Backpack design customization must have a complete design drawing. If this design drawing is made by the manufacturer, the manufacturer will require a certain design fee to protect its own interests. The thundering point here is to pay attention to understanding the relevant market, and avoid some unscrupulous manufacturers from talking about the design cost. The cost of custom backpack design depends on the difficulty of the design. The simpler the backpack design, the lower the cost, and vice versa. Regarding the design cost, the customer of the customizing party should know clearly with the manufacturer in advance, so as not to negotiate all the details of the two parties, and ultimately lose the design cost. This is also to avoid the waste of time and energy for both parties to customize the backpack.  2. Backpack design customization The strength of the manufacturer of backpack design customization is an effective means to test the real strength of the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not have a professional design team, it is impossible to issue design drawings that satisfy customers. Therefore, the customization party must know in advance whether the manufacturer really has a professional and powerful design team, so as not to be fooled. If you spend a lot of money to buy a design drawing but still run into an unreliable manufacturer, it is estimated that you will be so angry that you want to vomit blood! Therefore, it is really important to find out in advance and understand the manufacturer's true strength. is really important.
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