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Backpack customization needs to do this

by:Huide     2021-05-30
needs to do this. When it comes to custom backpack, we often think of backpack styles, diversified colors and fabrics, and it is easy to ignore the backpack accessories. The backpack accessories mentioned below not only affect the appearance of the backpack, but more importantly determine the service life of the backpack. 1. The zipper part of the backpack. The zipper brands we are familiar with are nothing more than YKK and SBS. The zipper is composed of chain cloth, chain teeth and pull tabs. The thicker the zipper chain cloth, the better, and the denser the chain teeth the better. It is difficult for us to accept that the zipper breaks and the backpack opens during outdoor use, which will seriously affect our experience. 2. The pull-head part of the backpack. In fact, when choosing a backpack, we often pay too much attention to the appearance. The slider part is easier to ignore. The slider material is divided into plastic and metal. Both have their advantages. A good metal slider is beautiful and does not peel off the paint. A good plastic slider The head has strong toughness, the metal slider is noble and generous, and the plastic slider is simple and simple. Both of them can be printed with the corporate brand logo using the mold opening process. 3. The handle part of the backpack. The handle provides another option for us to carry the backpack. According to the material, the handle is generally divided into nylon, polyester and aluminum alloy handles. The material of the handle is required to be strong and strong, and the nylon handle is of medium to high-end, and nylon handles are often used like mountaineering bags. The aluminum alloy handle is a hand-guard metal handle, which is in line with the human body handshaking system. The metal is added with a nylon webbing, which is flexible and rigid. It is a practical new type of handle. Of course, in addition to the material, the seam reinforcement on both sides of the handle can also improve its durability. In addition, it is necessary to pull the handle to test the stability. There are several common styles of custom-made business backpacks, which companies generally give to employees who need to go out or on business frequently. This kind of business backpack has clear internal functional partitions, and has an inner pocket that can hold a laptop. At the same time, it can also be enlarged. Pack some clothes for going out, and some will also design more pockets to hold documents. Custom tool backpack, this is a relatively small kind of customization, which is often only used by manufacturers that produce equipment or meters. It is rarely used by general business enterprises. Customized lightweight storage backpacks are all given to customers for free by enterprises. The use scenes are often used as a handy gift in order to attract traffic at the exhibition. Anyone who comes to the level will receive one for free.
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