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Backpack design thoughts

by:Huide     2020-07-26

in ancient times people crowd the society is divided into 369 wait, today's society is not as detailed points; But there are also divided. Is the low-income groups. Middle-income groups. The wealthy group. Then we designed package will have such idea, to suit a crowd demand. Occupy the market, winning hearts and minds. Enterprise to profit. Otherwise the unit, society and business direction and its relevant life, produce all kinds of the direction of the work, can't operate.

the following from my personal career and experiences of foreign trade talk about backpack design idea, maybe small companies or factories have some help to us! Era development, people's thinking and life will constantly updated development. To adapt to survive. The small company or factory? Now many companies or factories closed, because they do not have with the dark gray on development of rhythm, also exists in ideas. Is the time, we have to break the rigid thinking, hard work and bold innovation! Dear classmates, I share two pictures, the first statement: left is not my design, on the right is my design:

a backpack of Nike, is very popular, many big brands are popular. Youth is beautiful, fashion line, suitable for medium. The structure of the backpack and traditional ( The picture on the right of this backpack) Pack a whole new ballgame. Fashionable, structure change, way of thinking is changing. 。 。 This package will be more attractive, more popular with young people. This charm is innovation. In contrast, a right this backpack, a few years ago may be ok, but now looking at dull, no line feeling. Tell me about my feeling of backpack design below.

a. Before design, establish the product style is leisure style, youth or business style, or half the business and leisure style. Around this style design.

2. Can line JianZe Jane, lines of pulse start-stop and orderly, not to, the simple things in fact the classic, the stronger vitality.

3. Design to contracted and delicate, not the accumulation of elements, each paragraph should have only one window, color matching between everywhere can mutual echo.

4. Pay attention to the comparison, the comparison of different material, color contrast, the comparison of hard and soft, the thickness of the contrast.

personal share some ideas and you hope that some inspiration for small businesses and designers.

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