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Backpack factory production processes you understand

by:Huide     2020-07-04

in the backpack customization of domestic enterprises, docking with the bag factory of party a's personnel are mostly company professional buyer. But in your backpack customized processes are not understanding, small make up today speak of from the custom process of computer bag, hopes to have content for your reference and help.

1。 Is the first step of computer bag custom version by manufacturer room teacher according to the rendering process, the version in the version of the impression to you may have very big discrepancy, says he is version is dilettante, actually in the industry people call it 'paper'. Also is to use large-format paper to use a ball-point pen painted drawings, annotation in detail instructions above.

it's long like this.

2。 The second process is the production version of the package, this process is good or bad largely depends on paper is standard. Paper, there is no problem basic backpack can achieve the purpose of the design. The purpose of the production version of the package has a few, the first is to confirm that paper, whether there are any errors, to prevent the occurrence of serious deviation big goods production, the second purpose is to sample, test version. Because even the same fabrics of different decorative pattern, the whole bag made effect will vary greatly.

3。 The third procedure is preparation, cutting material, this procedure is mainly advanced procurement of raw materials, due to raw material procurement to are batch rolls of fabric, trimming, operation mode and then to separate pieces. As in the early period of the sewing processing process every step is critical. Below is the style of the cutting die, the die cutter is completely according to the paper ( That is drawing) Made.

4。 The fourth procedure is sewing, generally can't too thick shoulders business computer bag, basic use flat car to be able to complete the sewing process, but except special thick backpack or special complex bags, may use in the process of the last line suture to high car equipment, etc. Introduces some simplistic narrative this process, because the entire computer bag processing period is the longest time-consuming for this process. Strictly speaking this procedure is not only a process, it is composed of multi-channel processes, the top piece of xujiaweizi in sewing, sewing, painting after sewing, the fabric sewn seam, wear shoulder straps, knot, charter process such as close together.

5。 The final acceptance procedure is packaging, generally in the packaging link will do the whole package quality inspection, unqualified products back to the procedure, rework processing. Qualified bags alone make dust protection, packing quantity for the whole packing according to customer's request. Most backpack to reduce logistics cost and the compression baling exhaust, when the packing space will be in the packaging, of course, because the soft cloth manufacture backpacks are not afraid of.

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