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Backpack manufacturers analyze backpack custom price accounting and process

by:Huide     2021-06-04
Many companies now have customized backpacks, which may be given to employees or customers as gifts, or used as company materials. And every company needs to customize the logo to meet the corporate image requirements, so as a company, what issues need to be understood in the custom backpack process. Let the backpack manufacturer Xiaobian help you sort out. First, quantity. As the demand side, you first consider how many backpacks we need to customize? This factor is very important. As a factor of the number of backpack backpack manufacturers, it directly determines the price and production standards. If the quantity cannot meet the manufacturer's minimum order quantity, it is recommended that you can find some finished backpacks on Taobao to see if the logo can be customized. If the quantity can meet the above minimum order standards, then what style you need next. If you have a large quantity, you need to communicate with the manufacturer in detail about every detail and custom standard, and let the manufacturer burst out the price according to the strict standard. Second, the standard, the accuracy of this factor can ensure the accuracy of the price during the process of customizing your backpack. Such as material, size, craftsmanship, accessory material, net weight, printing, finished product requirements, inner packaging, outer packaging, box rules, implementation standards, etc. Of course, it is really difficult for some companies to make such a clear standard, but that does not matter. If you can find a backpack sample that you want to make, then everything will be solved. If you say that our backpacks are designed by ourselves without reference and have not been made before, it does not matter, that is the next step. Third, proofing. This part can be said to be an indispensable step in custom backpack. Whether it is according to the sample backpack or according to the design drawing, we can make a suitable sample for you, and the most accurate price will follow when you order the sample. It came out. During the proofing process, the pattern master has completely mastered the backpack lining, fabrics, accessories, etc., as well as the use of standards and labor hours budget. Fourth, production. Only at this link can the customization of the backpack be considered to be able to enter the formal production process. This process is very related to the production schedule for the demander. As a manufacturer, we strive for on-time delivery. This is the greatest responsibility to the customer.
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