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Backpack needs custom industry needs to pay attention to what problem

by:Huide     2020-06-28

backpack custom business bag is the most common requirement custom custom, backpack customized equipment, medical equipment package, especially the springing of medical equipment under the outbreak bags custom, breathing machine backpack custom, for example, hit a historic focus on demand. Bags custom manufacturers today small make up take you know about the health care industry ventilator backpack custom what must pay attention to the problem.

a, breathing machine package dimensions of custom need to pay attention to making

breathing machine backpack is breathing machine packing for this kind of equipment, is not only beautiful but also consider the portable and stable function. Every breath machine inside the backpack must be stable and firm, embodied in the breathing machine backpack is on the production process must be rigorous, for the size of the production must ensure no more than 3 mm tolerance, to make the backpack internal and external stability. In order to make the production batch difference when it comes to the minimum, also need to strictly control the to material supply. Every batch of fabric knitting density, the thickness of the back glue, material is qualitative soft, elastic density fillers are strictly controlled to ensure the production of post-production size precision.

2, breathing machine package custom need to pay attention to protecting functions must be in place

breathing machine is an electronic device, to strict requirement of the protection function is indispensable. So how to reflect on breathing machine package of protection! That is to research the breathing machine itself characteristics in detail, that the most vulnerable part need protection, and then on the basis of existing knapsack custom how to increase the protection of vulnerable parts strengthened. The most common way is to thicken the vulnerable part of the internal padding, increase the elastic stress. Necessary to do heavy or drop test to ensure the adequate protection effect.

three, breathing machine custom must environmental protection material to prevent the odor produced

at present many domestic breathing machine to do a large number of exports, in the face of different countries have different environmental requirements, so breathing machine backpack customization using environmental protection material, it is very necessary. The first really is to reduce the damage to the environment, the second point would also ensure that does not produce peculiar smell. Breathing machine this direct docking breathing equipment especially is very be necessary. Even breathing machine production backpack before testing for raw materials is necessary.

all these need to be aware of problems can avoid breathing machine is qualified bags custom, these problems to avoid virtually embodies the bag manufacturer to control power and the standardization of the management process in which all.

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