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Backpack tips, be a healthy 'backpacker'

by:Huide     2021-04-29
The posture of the backpack is particularly important. For example, the messenger bag is used as a shoulder bag. The excessively long shoulder strap causes the bag's center of gravity to constantly shake, and the pressure on the spine is extraordinary, and the bad effect is even more than that of ordinary singles. Shoulder bags, so to figure out how to backpack? Be a healthy backpacker. Reduce shaking: Whether it is a backpack or a messenger bag, the shoulder strap should not be too long, otherwise it will easily cause excessive shaking, and the appropriate length of the shoulder strap helps stabilize the center of gravity, so that the muscles of the body will not be constantly changing for the constantly changing center of gravity. The adjustment was eventually damaged by overwork. The position of the backpack should not be too low: If you want a comfortable backpack, the bag should not be carried too low. For example, the lower edge of the backpack should be in the pelvic position, and the crossbody bag should be placed on the waist side, and the upper edge of the backpack should be approximately at The position of the pelvis is appropriate. It is best not to carry it in front of you: Whether it is a messenger bag or a backpack, it is best not to carry it in front of you from a health point of view. Because of the force, your body will lean forward when you carry it in front of you, which is easy to cause Humpback.  Change shoulders regularly: Everyone has their own favorite habit of backpacks. Experts advise that if you use a shoulder bag or a messenger bag, you must change your shoulders regularly, so as to prevent cervical and spine strain. Tips for using different types of bags 1. Backpacks: The tighter the backpack, the better. When you backpack, you should shrink your abdomen and relax your arms. The closer and shorter the strap is to the body, the easier it will be to carry it. The thoracic spine then drops below the lumbar spine, which will aggravate the burden on the back. If the backpack is too heavy, it is recommended to shorten the strap so that the bag is as close to the body as possible and the height is maintained between the thoracic and lumbar spine. Two: The center of the heavy item of the backpack puts the heavy item in the center of the backpack. It is not easy to change the posture of the body when walking. If the item is large and heavy, it can be divided into two small bags, one shoulder, one hand, and loose. Weight. Three: Try to customize the wide shoulder straps. The shoulder straps of the backpack are too thin or too short, which will affect the blood circulation of the shoulder and neck, or squeeze the nerves of the arms, which will excessively squeeze the arms and arms, so customize the wide shoulder straps as much as possible Backpack. One: Shoulder bag or messenger bag: try to be as good as possible at handbags. Handbags damage the waist of women the most. Both shoulders and handbags simply cause excessive unilateral pressure on the body, causing the body to lose balance. When the handbag is alone, it will be stressed. Straight down, you need to exert force on the other side of the waist. If you are not careful, it will cause strain. In addition, when carrying the bag, the elbow joint with many and thin nerves will also be exerted, and it is easier to get injured. Therefore, the handbag should be as light as possible, and the weight should not exceed 10% of the body weight. When carrying the bag, it is best to hang the bag one finger away from the elbow joint. The muscles here are relatively strong and can support the weight of the backpack. Two: Back center and the best back center mean that the bag is just carried between the arm and the torso, and it is quietly clamped with the hand. This method can reduce the strength of the shoulders, and the back means , If you don’t like to hold a satchel, it is better to move the satchel slightly backward than forward.  3: The arm bag is better than the hand bag.    When carrying the bag with your hand, the joints of your arm need to swing back and forth, flexion and extension, which can easily form tennis elbow, while the arm bag can train the biceps. However, it should be noted that if one arm is pulled for a long time, it is very simple to show that one arm is thicker and the other is thinner, so you need to rotate the left and right hands.
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