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Bag custom also have beautiful eyes

by:Huide     2020-08-02

usually students bag custom is the pursuit of practical, and a lot of moment are ignored and beautiful. Each bag manufacturer is, of course, hope that the bag custom skin beautiful, but often because of excessive traveler finally will be market ruthless crushing. Is that a bag of students really, there is no a tall even luxury style, the answer is no. Today to tell you about a very practical also very atmospheric and again a little mild bag custom brand of luxury.

this is a German Scout bag brand, one soon go to see the special. Bright colors, fancy, more complex splicing effect let every child fondle admiringly. Design choice very much, can let each different character of the children can find their favorite design.

Germany Scout children bag, weight of 1. 15 kg, light not heavy body, not just for each of the above 3 grade children to use.

the whole product size to 30 x39x20 cm, base rising over the age of nine children.

but the capacity is very large product capacity can reach 18. 4 litres, not to hold a book oh.

Scout bag each one has a unique shoulder regulating function, and the current domestic bag difference is really great.

most often in bags custom bag not well fixed inclusions, and easy to cause the child because of the stress of curved spine or displacement, resulting in early children produce spine: for example, bent the waist, young humpback, etc. This unique design scheme of Scout indeed can effectively solve the problem. So you also is reasonable, each model price is equivalent to not less than 1500 yuan. The price of this can be quite a good children's bicycle.

the best characteristics of all is the button on the front of the card design, very convenient, and it looks also very atmosphere.

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