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Bag custom how to make students more satisfied

by:Huide     2020-08-02

in the season of school students, and parents is going to be a beautiful new school bag for the children, because, of course, have a plenty of up old bag cannot carry original senior textbooks. Sometimes to bag the wanton abuse, in the process of children to use already face MianMuJieFei, anyway you are like beautiful new school bag, bag factory small make up today will introduce you to a schoolbag is how to meet the demand of students in the process of custom.

1。 Bag custom need to consider the size

as students bag with adult backpack there are many different factors, the size of the bag is one of the important factors. Often just first grade children schoolbag takes around 20 * 28 cm size should be no problem, as the growth of the grade size growth, the size of the original has been can not meet the requirements of hold a book, the corresponding 3 - Grade 4 bag size about 24 * 30 cm. Then to 6 - 7th grade is about as basic backpack with a human adult size, about 30 - 40cm.

2。 Bag custom need to consider the appearance

as a bag of using objects are children or students, not shiny appearance, not gorgeous color won't be children like, later on the junior high school students be fond of of course style will be changed, then separately. As a junior school bag girl there will be a little princess, boys will have a car that is a common pattern is used to modify bag appearance, often contains such design bag can be accepted and popular.

3。 Bag custom need to consider with reasonable

it is bag bag of bear good quality internal reflected, because he is different from the appearance, need only visual intuitive feelings can determine whether beautiful, and is bearing system and the bag straps need students to feel in the long-term use, whether the shoulder pressure, force the wrong feel, and if the quality is not good bag use for a long time for children to grow up much good will bring adverse, so good bag with system can play a lighter and force uniform, length size fit it is a good bag.

all these factors above to consider in the bag custom bag manufacturer is responsible for your heart, also can do early to the good school bag.

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