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Bag manufacturer should hold the production of the best ideas

by:Huide     2020-07-05

in a world of backpacks, all kinds of backpack makes people dazzling, especially in the students bag style, color is rich, open pattern of taobao web page of various models is multifarious. But really want to buy a portable, durable, beautiful, good quality bag but need you to make great efforts one time, turn over a dozen at least dozens of pages, bad luck might not meet your satisfaction. Small make up today to introduce you to a student from Germany backpack manufacturer production bag, can be said to be real tall.

have a look at your appearance also shows the uncommon and free from vulgarity appearance, the joining together of the up and down or so more than reflected the complex, manual backpack pocket flap of special process printing embodies the quality, lovely design touched countless children. Facade design has the characteristics of the magnetic lock millet backpack manufacturers also can't resist the temptation of imitation.

take a look at the above positive magnetic buckle lock design some deja vu?

of course, you don't think this backpack just sell a level in appearance, that you would be a mistake, his real connotation in the backpack back after painting.

two harness very accord with human body mechanics design, you only know what call back well, and two shoulder can be adjust Angle oh. And the bottom two belt of waist size during the design is very reasonable, these are not the big kill, his chest strap can adjust up and down, not only bear the hidden inside a secret authority ( About rotating button) , can adjust the height of the straps, timely students up grade is high also don't affect the use of the bag, but it also has two on the front vehicle attention to along reflective design, can you ask don't do a bag also need so good? Of course, these migrant workers are not in vain, because ultimately you have to pay for it! The name and price of it may be you will be surprised, this backpack is called DE Scott price not less than 200 euros in Europe.

this is the value of the brand, it originated from the core value of enterprise has always been adhering to the rigorous demanding German industrial production.

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