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Bag manufacturing industry market prospect analysis

by:Huide     2020-07-13

zhongshang industry research institute: luggage is collectively for such bags can receive, is used to hold things referred to all kinds of bags, including shopping bags, handbags, usually used hand bags, wallets, backpacks, single shoulder bag, bag, purse, and a variety of pull rod box, etc.

content due to the manufacturing technology in recent years gradually increased, superior design, quality, fashionable appearance and unique design luggage, price also there is a gap with ordinary one suitcase. An internal can hold 4 suit suit bags, capacity of 92 liters of German brand luggage, cost up to $13380. According to wuhan people, because of business travel frequency is high, the use of luggage, nature is also high, and considering factors such as the identity, quality, image, thus become brand suitcase main consumption of 3000 yuan of above. While 23000 yuan of the following luggage, high performance/price ratio, and in particular about college students, the common much, white-collar workers to buy more. Industrial chains

bags have received practical with adornment sex connotation, and so also covers all aspects of people work and life. Bag manufacturing according to use purpose can be divided into four basic categories: 1) Business case: mainly appears in the workplace and business travel scenario, such as computer bags, briefcases, etc; 2) Travel bags, mainly includes the pull rod box, travel bags, etc. ( Slightly larger than the computer bag) ; 3) Leisure bags, mainly used for daily use or outdoor leisure casual style, such as backpacks, lady bags, shopping bags, wallets, bags, beach bags, outdoor sports, etc. 4) Special purpose. Mainly refers to some special purpose of bags, such as camera bag, cosmetic box packing, medical package, package of equipment, etc. Business bags, travel bags, leisure bags series constitute luggage luggage market. According to the material if the bags and can be divided into leather bags, fabric bags, PU bags, PVC bags and so on. Bags main material is made of aluminum alloy, leather, cloth, all kinds of plastic and sponge foaming material and other raw materials through design processing.

according to zhongshang industry institute released '2017 - In 2022 China's luggage industry market development prospect and investment opportunity study showed that in 2020 China's luggage market scale will reach about 63. 800 million dollars. Among them, because over the years the stable growth of per capita disposable income, provide the basis for luggage consumer market growth driving force. Sales of outdoor products remained more than 10% growth, luggage industry related to tourism and outdoor travel industry have a high consistency, plus the annual Spring Festival, luggage products market demand growth has been unstoppable.

domestic engaged in equipment more than 20000 enterprises, the size of the related enterprises have number 1252, but the concentration is low, although the new beautiful big brands such as in the domestic development situation is good, but its market share is expected to less than 10%, which means and scale is the trend of The Times brand bags industry. But domestic luggage market sales channel chaotic, the international brand high-end channels, on top of the domestic most equipment brands and equipment manufacturer or mainly wholesale market.

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