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Bags custom color should be how to control

by:Huide     2020-07-07

bags custom it was originally in the meet the needs of personalized, different color fabrics collocation can make the custom backpack bags show different effects. Often require higher customer will compare to the fabric and lining cloth color demand absolute, the question becomes, how can ensure bags custom material color can achieve consistent with customer requirements, the answer is dye.

bags custom fabrics in the majority with polyester and nylon fabrics, there are all sorts of grain of all sorts of color each big baromon spot fabric inventory supply, under normal circumstances can find close to the color of the color to use, but encounter to demanding customers in the color that is at the factory processed dyeing cloth. It sounds as if is no problem, logic is quite logical. Often in the real world is not so simple, first of all, we are analyzed from the operation process to simple of dye you will understand. Want to personalize the custom color dye, the first thing to weaving, with grey fabric for dyeing, dyeing must carry on the small sample in the beaker out before confirm the color for the guests, but often appear off color, this step will be to finished product and then the next step will be in accordance with the ratio of color mixing vats, then we will dye, colored fabric can enter brush glue to finalize the design process, etc. Process all through colored cloth to come out after finished product. This process is generally faster need a few days, slow more than half a month.

this case custom finished fabrics dyeing process is introduced, in order to give you bag factory color of shallow control where is how to deal with difficulties. The first thing every cloth dyeing needs a certain minimum quantity to custom, the minimum basic all want a piece of material, if 600 d is the most commonly used Oxford cloth also need about 1000 meters. If use these amount bags custom, it is recommended that you choose finished product directly. Time is short color can be intuitive to see the finished product. That is to say, this custom material only suitable for a large quantity of bags custom clients. One problem is that what you see is not necessarily the income, we all know what color is this thing in different medium ( Material) The same kind of pigment appear above also is not the same color, and each color itself there are many kinds of color variations ( Also can't reflect all color pantone) 。 Often need to use a beaker when dyeing ratio of several close to color, then the dye for the customer to choose a few pieces of small material, but the differences dye material and process of the process itself will make the scheduled color matching fabrics dyed out partial color. In order to solve this problem at present is the best way to continuously achieve the ultimate goal in waste way bags color. Said popular point is to make a few batch, more until is yourself.

of course for bags custom waste cost itself is on the increase. Of course have a molding dyeing do very good, the answer is yes. Only a successful probability is small. Because even if it is a good cloth factory appear off color is normal phenomenon. The bags custom color, how to control the basic proposal has given the answer above.

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