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Bags custom manufacturers how to pull

by:Huide     2020-07-09

we all know that if you need to pack the custom so the first step is to find the right handbag factory, then demand description, confirmed inquiry for proofing. If the proofing can rest assured to below order production, right then backpack customization of the proofing is extremely important. Even some orders proofing errors for handbag factory is a big loss. Now that so important today small make up everyone summary to analyze the backpack to customize what proofing.

backpack custom proofing is a procedure of production orders cannot little, proofing customers don't need to also can not in time. Because proofing is related to several key aspects. The first is proofing to determine material use practical effect. The second is only out backpacks map proofing bags manufacturer, after big goods production is little not this thing. The third and most important, no proofing is unable to complete with the customer to confirm, not complete proofing confirmed, also can't for bulk production. Because there is no proofing confirm production when facing huge risk, and may even lead to serious mistakes or accidents in production. All no bag manufacturer is likely to do so.

there are two kinds of backpack proofing, a package is customer can provide samples, proofing this relatively easy. A sample package do first suggests that customers have a clear product direction. This sample package is reference for edition division is certainly on the design size consistent so as long as the bag opening is good? Not only so simple can also avoid the sample package, proofing changes over and over again. So the question comes, how have a sample package to proofing, so product packages do not finished? Problem differences tend to be here, the customer said the proofing ultimate aim is the version of the package, and the factory proofing purpose is version.

another case is according to the figure to play version, this is not a general manufacturers can meet the list, because involves a great test of manufacturer edition division ability. Only edition division handbag factory has the capabilities to ensure according to figure published version of sample package is by the customer, there will not be counterproductive sample package, customers and manufacturers are a waste of time. But often the play version of the way than to have sample package version must be much higher difficulty, so often manufacturer in charge will be higher. Time may also grow some, just a bit of patience is required.

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