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Bags custom material which is really good

by:Huide     2020-07-07

as a client in the bags custom can often encounter the same model, sent to different bag manufacturer price difference is very big. What is going on? Of course may have a look at the picture quote error is inevitable, but we can say the key is not here today, but to say the same model of different material will cause backpack custom price difference is very big.

a same computer backpack shoulders, using common 1680 d polyester Oxford cloth fabric produced 1680 d nylon Oxford cloth and apply custom out price will have very big difference, maybe a backpack sent dozens yuan is possible. Especially computer bag custom often use complex production process, such as joining together two different kinds of fabrics, fabric often use different materials, which can lead to a lot of waste materials, these can also be in the use of material caused by the price gap.

Oxford cloth bag, such as a outdoor use different fabric material and the material price difference is very big also. If the overall fabric are ordinary 420 d Oxford cloth, even how the stitching and complex process, generally do not all of your very wrong. But using better materials such as Cordura ( Dupont materials) , but the price will more than double from the fabrics, so the whole bag costs also rose. If you are with the pursuit of quality of the customer, it is necessary to use light, waterproof, durable several fabrics to make the words such as Xpac, prices are high in the domestic 5 times are less. Use this material backpack either you are a luxury brand or you must be a local tyrants ( The price only you used to know) 。

in this backpack bags custom must not use noble material, as long as suitable, too high quality material does bring good quality, but also brings the high prices, as a custom on the choice of material it is recommended that you just fit.

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