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Basic knowledge about sewing in luggage

by:Huide     2021-06-28
Thread is one of the necessary materials in production. When we are preparing for production, we must first adjust the stitch length and stitches. General requirements: clear stitches, straight, moderate tightness, no throwing or skipped stitches. No wiring is allowed on the surface of the bag, and special attention is paid to high-quality bags. Concealed wires are allowed to have wiring, but they must be re-wired with 7 to 10 stitches, and stitch back and forth well.  Choose the thread according to the requirements of different luggage products. Don’t use threads of different colors and specifications without authorization. The following is the specific operation process:    One, positioning. It is to fix two or more layers of materials together. Before positioning, the front and back of the material and the direction of the pattern must be recognized. It is generally required that the positioning stop is 2~5mm, not too wide, and the surface material should be flat, wrinkle-free, and not twisted. Lines, debris, dirty spots, etc. should not be allowed in the interlayer, especially those with light colors.   Second, the needle is reversed. Inverted stitches are to increase the firmness. In addition to stitching back and forth for the stitching, the stitches need to be stitched back and forth, as well as the places that need to be loaded, such as the two ends of the stitched zipper, straps, and pendant loops. The back and forth stitches must fall in the same straight line.   3. Trademarks. Trademarks are product marks and should not be sloppy. Before the car, you must see whether the graphics and texts of the trademark are clear and skewed (including printed labels, woven labels, leather labels, and washing labels). Generally, they start and close at the bottom of the trademark. When narrowing the needle, 3 to 4 stitches should be heavier, and it must be on a straight line. Sewing in strict accordance with the positioning, the material has positioning holes or painted positioning points, and the trademark must cover the points. Printed labels and woven labels should not show corners or skew when stitching.  Fourth, joint seam. Seam is to join two layers of fabric together, which is the main process of the bag. It is required that the stop is straight, the width is the same, and the needle must be reversed and needled back and forth, 2 to 3 needles are enough.   Five, zipper. The zipper is the most important of all the parts on the bag. Its quality must be perfect. The zipper and the zipper head are not allowed to have quality defects. When the chain edge material car zipper, the direction of the zipper head cannot be reversed, and the distance between the zipper teeth and the material edge It is 3mm, and the stop should be uniform and straight. If you need a double-line car, the double-line should be even and straight, and the edge material and the zipper should be flat, and there should be no waves.   Six, surrounded. The appearance of the entire package is inseparable from the surrounding surroundings. The bracket should be aligned with the positioning gap, and the zipper tail cannot be unfolded. If you need two lines, the two lines should be even and straight. If the wrap is too long or too short, it will cause the package to be skewed or wrinkled. In principle, it will be connected. Before enclosing, you must try to pack the package, and it can be produced only when it is suitable.   Seven, embedding. Welding is the skeleton of the bag. We choose different materials according to the requirements of different styles of bags. Welding should be tight, and the upper and lower ends should be even. Generally, the wedging line requires that the welding foot is aligned with the margin of the fabric, and the welding edge should be aligned with the edge of the fabric. The corners should be straight, smooth, rounded, and even at the four corners, and the splices with splices should be centered and close to each other.   Eight, package together. Closing is the main process of bag molding. For bags with wedging, the closing requirements should be full and we can't eat wedging. The size of the envelop and the body piece should be appropriate. If the envelop is too large and closed, the envelop will wrinkle. If the envelop is too small, the closed bag is prone to deformation and crooked packaging. Note that the direction of the zipper head cannot be reversed (refers to a single zipper head). To distinguish between the front and the back, the symmetrical effect of the package is mainly to pay attention to, including front and back, left and right, up and down.   Nine, wrapping. Hemming is divided into outer hemming and inner hemming. In particular, the outer hemming requires the upper and lower spouts to be of uniform width, straight, consistent width, smooth corners, and rounded corners. The hemming belt must cover the wrapping line and the edge of the hemming belt. The fabric must not be wrinkled, slippery or leaky. For bags with welts, be careful not to eat the welts when wrapping the inner edges (refers to the car to the welts). The webbing head needs to be folded or blanched according to the requirements. If the head is directly closed, it needs to be stitched back and forth, and it must be poured in the same straight line.   Ten, copy side. The overwrap should be uniform and straight, the width should be consistent, and the corner should be smooth. The overwrong line should be copied on the outside of the seam line, and the seam should not be cut off.   More information is available! 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