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Basic knowledge of luggage purchase

by:Huide     2021-06-06
Luggage is also indispensable in our daily life. Traveling needs travel bags. Mountaineering and trekking need mountaineering bags and backpacks, while traveling and moving require trolley cases and suitcases. In short, bags are now a must in our lives. So when we buy luggage, what aspects should we pay attention to? What are the basic common sense of luggage?    1. If you are buying a suitcase, you must first determine whether it is a hard case or a soft case. Most hard cases have high temperature resistance, It has the characteristics of wear resistance, impact resistance, water resistance and pressure resistance. Its hard shell material can protect the contents from squeezing and impact, but the disadvantage is that the built-in capacity is fixed. The soft case is convenient for users to use more space, and most of them are light in weight, strong in toughness, and exquisite in appearance, and are more suitable for short trips.  2. You must distinguish what kind of leather you are buying. Generally, bags made of yellow cowhide, sheepskin and other rare animal skins (such as snake skin) are of higher grade, and those made of pigskin, buffalo leather, etc. There are three types of leather used to make bags: polished, front and modified. Among them, the bags made of polished leather are high-end, the modified surface is low-end, and the front is centered. When customizing a hard case, the surface should be smooth, meticulous and beautiful, with pure color, good texture, and not easy to stretch and deform.   3. Check the noodles and workmanship. Generally, good-quality travel bags pay more attention to details, the color matching is appropriate, the stitching is neat, the stitch length is uniform, there is no thread exposed, the fabric is flat and flawless, there is no bubbling, no exposed burrs, and the metal accessories are shiny.  4. Observe the lining material and various accessories of the luggage. The quality of the lining and accessories reflects the overall quality of the luggage to some extent.   5. Check whether the luggage fabric is decolorized. If it is found that bleaching is definitely not a good bag. Good quality leather bags have been tested. During the test, the surface of the bag was repeatedly wiped with white paper for ten times. Only those with a slight color or colorless left on the paper. A qualified luggage, if it fades easily, it must be a defective product.
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