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Be careful of the traps behind the luggage customization look at the picture quotation

by:Huide     2021-06-13
In the luggage customization industry, many customers have a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of the manufacturers on the Internet, and they will send a few product pictures and ask the manufacturers to quote. Some manufacturers will quickly give prices in order to avoid losing customers. Manufacturers with 15 years of experience in custom luggage production should remind everyone: 'Beware of the traps behind the quotation of luggage customization.' Why do you say this? Let's learn about it. Picture quotation is a common quotation method in luggage customization, but picture quotation can only get an estimate. Manufacturers can estimate the approximate price based on the product on the picture, but in many cases, the estimate and the actual calculated price are very large. Therefore, the quotation from the picture is inaccurate. If the manufacturer directly gives an accurate price, you must be careful about this. It may be that some manufacturers will eagerly give the quotation in order not to miss the customer, and then follow this The price was ordered for production, and it was discovered when the final shipment was shipped that the required material of the luggage is very different from the material actually made, so there will be a problem of quality difference. To know. There are many factors that affect the price of luggage. Not only the material, style, size and other factors will affect the price, but other details will also affect the price of the customized luggage. Therefore, it is impossible to quote accurately when you look at the picture, but you want to get accurate Price. If there is a sample package, you can send the actual product to the manufacturer for verification. If there is no sample package, you can only make a sample quote. The prices obtained by these two methods will be more accurate, even if the difference is not very large, the proofing is The most accurate quotation method, generally, the quotation after proofing is the final product price. Therefore, when customers are customizing luggage, they should not hear that the price is cheap and place an order as soon as possible. Beware of the traps behind low-priced luggage.  Luggage customization, please look for it, specializing in the production of customized backpacks, founded in 2004, is an industrial and trade enterprise integrating luggage design, development, production and sales. We have served many well-known companies and have formed a good reputation in the industry. We also have a group of energetic engineers and production personnel with nearly 20 years of experience. We have built a professional design and production team. We will develop and innovate every quarter to launch high-quality products to ensure products. Following fashion trends and pursuing international quality, it is the best choice for enterprises to customize backpacks!
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