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[Bicycle bag] Introduction to common types of bicycle bags

by:Huide     2021-09-03
One of the indispensable equipment configuration for outdoor cycling activities-cycling bag, is an important storage tool for logistics items during outdoor cycling activities. The cycling bag can save worry and effort when used well, and it can also give us riding Provide better logistical support during activities. There are many types of cycling bags. Today, let’s talk about the common types of cycling bags. Let’s get to know them together. Car front bag (front bag, front bag)   , as the name suggests, is a bag hanging on the front of the car. The front bag is very useful for short-distance riding or daily riding equipment, but for professional sports models. In other words, the front bag will take up space in the front of the car, leaving nowhere to place the stopwatch frame, so sports models are generally not used, unless it is used for long-distance riding that is extremely demanding of storage space. The design of the upper tube bag is similar to the upper tube storage box of the tricycle. Because it is easier to handle, it is mainly used to store items commonly used in cycling, such as energy supply food, mobile phones, etc., during long-distance cycling You can also put a mobile power supply to charge the stopwatch or car lights. Triangle bag The triangle bag is also the type used in long-distance riding to maximize storage space. However, because it will invade the space of the front triangle kettle, the front triangle space requirements are relatively large, and it is common in all terrain for long-distance riding. Road car or station wagon.  Tail bag is a simple bag commonly used by riders. Most riders will use a small tail bag to store emergency supplies such as inner tubes, tire repair tools, or oxygen cylinders. Of course, they can also store small items such as energy food or keys. Because the pannier needs to be used with the rear shelf, the capacity is relatively large, and it is generally used in bilateral cooperation. In many cases, only the true long-distance cycling enthusiasts will choose the pannier, such as the Sichuan-Tibet line or the Yunnan-Tibet line. Category.  Backpacks  Riding backpacks are mainly divided into small-capacity hydration bags for mountain biking and large-capacity backpacks for urban commuting. Because the road conditions of mountain bike riding are more complicated and bumpy, it is not suitable to use the bag installed on the bike, so mountain bikers will choose to carry a small-capacity backpack that is compatible with water bags. As for the urban commuter backpack, it mainly strengthens the ventilation effect of the backpack system on the basis of the ordinary backpack. Urban cycling backpacks with minimalist style are very popular at present. The loading and packaging car bag is a bag that contains the bicycle. It is suitable for foldable models. When riding on the road or taking public transportation, the bicycle can be folded and put in. It does not take up space and is easy to carry. Convenience.   The above is a brief introduction to the common types of cycling bags. Everyone should know something about cycling bags now! If you still don't understand, please consult the manufacturer online.
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