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Bicycle riders Brooks England leather backpack

by:Huide     2020-06-30

in the last century up to now, a veteran British bicycle parts manufacturer Brooks England will focus on the r&d and production of bicycle bicycle cushion. In different changes of the era of evolution, Brooks England besides launched numerous design is suitable for all ages of bicycle cushion products, believe Einstein liked to tell about his product is all kinds of classic leather backpack, backpack and bicycle, today we are going to recommend to you is this from Brooks England leather backpack ( The following figure 2) 。

the earliest Brooks England all kinds of leather bag is designed for the postman custom in London, England, even in the later development, their products in the product design for bicycle riders only design. But in recent years, due to the information of continuously developed and all fashion people with amazing imagination collocation, make Brook leather backpack by many people in England. From the Brooks England leather backpack used BE their own independent research and development of high-grade leather, bags have security on both sides of metal buckle, makes it can often BE used as a shoulder bag or a handbag. Currently the product has the official Online Shop sale, interested friends can be a lot of attention.

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