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Brief analysis of commonly used communication terms and names when customizing backpacks

by:Huide     2021-07-01
In the process of customizing the backpack, in addition to customizing according to the sample bag provided by the manufacturer, some users have some special functional requirements, so they understand some common structure and accessory terms of the backpack in order to accurately and quickly surface requirements. Here are some commonly used communication terms when customizing backpacks, let’s get to know them together. The commonly used structure of the backpack and the name of the accessories are called:   1. Shoulder strap (handle):    The term for this part is the same as the common name. The fabric of the shoulder strap is generally made of the 'fabric' or 'ingredients' of the bag body, and the structure is two layers of front and back. , The connection between the shoulder strap and the bag body is generally 'hook' or 'circle' type hardware. Hardware hooks are generally 'connected' and 'spring2. Pocket zipper:    zipper is composed of three parts, zipper, slider and pull card! Both sides of the zipper are generally made of nylon, and the 'zipper teeth' in the middle are mainly divided into 'rubber teeth' and 'metal teeth' Two kinds.  3. Bag body:   The industry terminology of some parts of the bag body is different from the common name. The fabric of the bag body is called the 'main materialThe front of the bag is called the 'front panelThe pocket is called 'slip pocketThe structure of the bag body is generally three layers, 1. The outer layer is fabric; 2. The middle layer is the bottom support, 3. The innermost layer is the inner lining, and the left and right sides of the bag body are the same as the structure of the bag body. The bottom of the bag body is generally sticky with thicker 'base PVC'!   4. Fabric:    Fabric points: natural leather, PU leather, PVC material, nylon material, canvas, plush fabric, etc.  5. Hardware:    hardware is generally divided into two types: 'iron wire' and 'alloy' according to the material. How to distinguish it? Just use a magnet. The iron wire can be attracted tightly, and the alloy can not be attracted tightly. 'Alloy' hardware is more exquisite than 'iron wire' hardware in terms of process effect, and 'iron wire' hardware appears rougher. 'Alloy' is more expensive than 'iron wire'!   6. Line (the term is called 'car line'):    The outer part of the bag is generally 20# (thicker) nylon line, and the inner part is generally 40#( Thinner nylon thread, cotton thread is generally used for the inner lining (604 is thicker, 606 is thinner). The color of each part of the car thread is required to match the color of the fabric, which is visually coordinated. The handbag industry is right. The stitch pitch density requirement of the “car thread” is “seven stitches per inch”. Generally, high- and middle-grade bags are made strictly in accordance with this standard.   7. Side oil:    bag body fabrics, handles, and edging “barriers” are all Coated with 'side oil' (paint) with the same color as the above parts. The effect of applying a good side oil is smooth to the touch, with a softer color sense, and coordinated with the fabric; almost the edge oil is rougher to the touch , The color is darker!    If you want to learn more about the various parts and components of the backpack, you can directly enter the official website ( to view the relevant information, or directly contact () online customer service for consultation.
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