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Briefly describe the backpack customization process

by:Huide     2021-06-30
With the popularity of personalized backpack customization, many companies prefer customized backpacks when choosing corporate gifts. Then, does anyone know what the process and process of backpack customization is like? Below, backpack manufacturers will take everyone to understand To understanding. 1. It is very important to find a manufacturer to find a professional backpack manufacturer. It is very important to communicate with the backpack manufacturer in detail. It is important to describe the customization requirements in detail and to ensure that there is no misunderstanding by the manufacturer's personnel, customized styles, quantity and price of customized backpack Budget range, usage scenario or actual purpose, etc. If there is a sample to be customized in hand, it is best to provide it, and the manufacturer can customize the production according to the sample. 2. After listening to the manufacturer’s opinions and explaining the requirements, you must listen to the manufacturer’s suggestions. If the customized style is not exactly the same as the rigid requirements, you can also ask the manufacturer to recommend a reference for you. After all, the manufacturer still has the process and cost of production. If the manufacturer can recommend suitable styles in one step, it will save you from designing and creating out of thin air.  3. Confirmation of proofing   After the final demand is communicated and confirmed, the backpack manufacturer can arrange for proofing to produce samples. Of course, there will be proofing costs. This needs to be approved by double anti-consensus. At this point, it is the test of the manufacturer's ability to realize customization! After the proofed sample is satisfied, the order can be placed for production. If the proofing does not reach the satisfaction of the manufacturer, it will be a little troublesome. The sample backpack needs to be remodeled, and it will be modified according to the changes. Customers can only get the next version of the sample after waiting for a while.  5. Sign the contract    Sign the backpack customization OEM contract. In the custom backpack, this step is the beginning of customization. Before, it was cold dishes. Only at this point, the backpack manufacturer will arrange the production and delivery of the production process sheet, prepare the bulk materials, open the printing knife template, carry out the blanking, various sewing, various equipment processing, and finally turn over the package, but also carry out a series of packaging Production process and work flow.  6、Inspection  After all the processes are completed, there is the final crucial step, which is to check the bulk goods. Ensure that there are no quality problems, and arrange for bulk shipments to companies or customers. , just choose, good reputation and trustworthy! In line with the tenet of 'customers, for customersVisible manifestation of strength, the choice is right!
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