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Bright backpack belongs to the choice of spring

by:Huide     2020-06-23

it is well known that use backpack is a season to distinguish, tend to the choice of the backpack is choose the right one, only appropriate can appropriately. Where the four seasons change is more noticeable in north China, spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively have their own representative style, only season to choose color collocation can reflect your taste. Of course bags custom manufacturers will comply with the season to adjust the design.

in the winter most people will choose dark backpack, the best collocation of color is black. Can imagine such a scene, a subway commute every day office worker can wear a black mauny coat with a pair of 300 degrees of myopia glasses, a pair of shoes that raven, the standard of leisure trousers. Only with a black fashion business backpack well enough.

of course most of the time of autumn weather or crisp fall, occasionally there will be a few days more than 18 degrees Celsius temperature, especially in the autumn of the Mid-Autumn festival vacation can still see the crowd inside all sorts of dark blue, dark green, dark red, or light gray colors backpacks are a relatively complete.

is not the case in the summer, after all, in China, both the south and the north more than 30 degrees Celsius in the summer the weather is in most of the time. This time you said to wear a small cut sleeve vest with a business model to work, or ray to a lot of people along the way. Even if other people see you, no singular played themselves will also because can't stand high temperature torture feel heavy backpack to become the burden of the road.

backpack can unbridled display color season of spring, all kinds of bright color cloth after hand bag factory designer presented a leisurely jing eye bags. All kinds of bright color of color backpack how collocation clothes won't appear beyond the mark.

the color of the season for revival street backpack has presented the characteristics of this season. Vigor of peak green, light yellow backpack everywhere. Seems to prove these bright colors of spring.

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