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Canvas bag custom aesthetic feeling can also come out

by:Huide     2020-07-20

usually bags.com/backpacks' target='_blank'>backpack manufacturers can also customize canvas bag the commonly used promotion products, because of its environmental protection non-toxic harmless, so favored by many enterprises promotional activities, such as in a large campus activities, send a beautiful canvas bag, or will be affected by people like very much. In the sales of products of giving a beautiful canvas bag, as customers will be impressed by you. Even in a car exhibition canvas bag back defined as promotional gifts in the market, as a gift giving customers for sightseeing.

canvas bag is usually a lot of people also called environmental protection shopping bag, or environmental protection bags. The reason is because of his material is made of pure cotton, although the surface is rough, but it is indeed a very friendly to the environment. Enterprise can make use of this material personalized custom all kinds of styles, such as with the corporate image of canvas bag, canvas bag custom. Backpack manufacturers today is for everybody to introduce how beautiful canvas bag bag is made out.

first of all, we should choose in the thickness of the canvas, the thickness of the different effects, such as you are to give to aunt class customers used as shopping bags, that you had better choose 12 amine, usually in the count of true density is 3 * 3. If you are total to compare the customer that has grade, also want to look a bit sense that you are advised to choose material of more than 20 amine thick stiff, grain clarity, color white is the most good. If you are ever to show customers that you always consider after degrees between as well.

on customized storage and characteristics also have very big difference, as used in the promotion of shopping bag, you must consider size slants big, At the same time hold celery and cucumber) 。 You use object is an office worker of the size of the little girl you had better not exceed 30 * 40 cm. Of course you isn't here is a special way of using our theory.

it is also decided to canvas bag custom and aesthetic feeling and printing quality, the appearance level of the key points. As canvas backpack or handbag on the use of printing is screen printing, again, of course, want to in brighter colors that will have to use thermal transfer, but the printing cost is high, but he can strictly implement customer requirements of various colors and gradients.

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