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Children how to custom backpack more reasonable

by:Huide     2020-08-01

children backpack customization should be carefully customized according to different age height, backpack manufacturers are often based on the standard provided by the customer customized, that as customer custom children's backpack should pay attention to whether bag size and the size is suitable for the child's height. Such as three years old children is generally less than 1 m height, 7 - The average height of 10 years old children in 1. 2 - 1. Qualified head 4 meters in height gap is very big, so the backpack also should consider more customized size and height. Also should consider to choose to hold children stationery for books and supplies, the minimum size of the backpack. Normally, children's school bags children should not be more than the width of the body; The backpack back on children, children not below the bottom of the bag child waist 10 centimeters. Is also up to the top of the head is not higher than, should be lower than the waist belt position 2. 5 inches. As high as the summits of lower back on the bottom of the backpack, backpack, in the middle position, the back and not hang on the ass.

backpack design also should focus on children. Customers within the custom children's backpack can not be ignored when the bags design is reasonable. Children's backpack design directly affect the child like it or not, so of course will look beautiful, as an important factor of custom design. So the design of the interior also can not ignore, children backpack interior space design is reasonable, to children a variety of styles and glass snacks such as stationery, books, pens, classification, and can also be fostered children form the good habit of reasonable hand, and let the children to adapt to the reasonable to receive the benefits of consciously.

children backpack custom need more emphasis on the selection of materials. Children backpack style variety, quality of a light fluffy material and a texture hale plastic, also have land moderate Oxford cloth material, so in the children's backpack custom should choose suitable material according to the using purpose and age, the first applicable can achieve the function, the second can satisfy children beautiful adornment effect. As are kindergarten children got a little fluffy material lightweight design cartoon backpack is most appropriate, parts hold much, only for the collocation with small dress to have a fit. As a naughty little boy that like car engine character that custom plastic shell ( ABS) Material of backpack and best car plane shape and he must be very satisfied. Should children go to school, of course, if you have the most open rate use Oxford cloth material bag, this time practical items without deformation and can still not heavy pressure to shoulder is what they really need. 4, children's school bags wide shoulder strap needs to be designed.

children backpack must have to be made with wide straps, if use too narrow a shoulder strap, long-term use can cause harm to children's shoulder, custom backpack customers can't accept it. If backpack filled with books and other heavy objects, shoulder did help a lot of bandwidth of design also shoulder pressure, so as to share the whole bag of weight, after the picture for the design of high density sponge with straps honour weight, this backpack will be comfortable to carry, can be at ease use.

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