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Choose a backpack or a trolley for travel, a custom manufacturer

by:Huide     2021-07-31
Many people like to travel, and travel always takes a lot of big and small items. This requires a backpack or a trolley case. Some people like to use a trolley case and think it is convenient, so you don’t have to carry it too tired. Some people think that a trolley case takes up space and is not as convenient as a backpack. If you are traveling, should you choose a backpack or a trolley case for travel? We did a survey on the Internet. Sixty percent of netizens would choose backpacks, while 30 percent would choose two, and a few would choose trolley cases. Let's take a look at what they say.  1. Friends who love backpacking    choose backpacks because most netizens think that they can bring as little things as possible. Netizens believe that carrying a bag can liberate your hands, and to travel is to walk around, look at the mountains and rivers, play with places of interest, and change places. Pulling the trolley box makes it cumbersome, troublesome, and unable to get out of the body.  2, love to travel with trolley cases   Netizens responded that the trolley cases were all sent by the company. The company customizes the trolley case to facilitate employees on business trips, can store more items, and can also borrow the high quality of the trolley case to promote the company. Some netizens said that they would choose a trolley case for long-distance travel, and it is also convenient to bring some special products home when traveling. 3. A friend who loves both trolley cases and backpacks. Friends who love trolley cases and backpacks are very thoughtful. The following is the original words of a mother netizen: 'I think the trolley case is a bit heavier, but it is quite convenient. My husband likes it. Use a trolley box, because you can pull it when the road is good, so you can save a lot of effort. When there is no place in the airport or the train station, you can also use it as a stool for your child. The husband’s company makes a “trolley box”. The quality is very good, and there is no problem jumping on it. But the backpack is also indispensable. Put some water, snacks and the like, I bring both of them.” Therefore, in daily travel, both the trolley case and the backpack are carried at the same time. case for clothes, toiletries and electronic equipment. When you arrive at your destination, switch to backpacks, carry your valuables and change clothes for the day, pack them in backpacks, and leave your suitcases in the hotel.   Is it better to choose a backpack or a trolley case for travel? The capacity and range of use of both play a necessary role with your travel. Or maybe you feel that you have to pull one on your hand while carrying a bag. It's really tired. Then you can choose the '' trolley backpack, which can be inserted on the trolley case to walk with the trolley duffel case, reducing the pressure on the shoulders, and at the airport where the crowds are mixed, you can concentrate on looking at the trolley case and bags to improve The safety of the luggage duffel.
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