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Choose the most important accessories for your backpack

by:Huide     2021-08-12
The accessories of the backpack computer backpack are certainly important. The knowledge of two of the accessories is best understood when choosing a computer backpack. There are two main ones. The first is the handle. The second type is the zipper pull head. Let's understand together next. 1. Handle The handle is one of the places where computer backpacks are tested by gravity. This is often the deadliest detail. There are two types of computer backpack handles, one is aluminum and the other is nylon. The aluminum alloy handle depends on whether the aluminum alloy does not fade, tap the surface with your hand to see if there is an over-empty sound. If it is, it indicates that the aluminum alloy does not penetrate the webbing and is not sufficient for reinforcement. Next is to look at the grip. If the handle is full, it can conform to the human body's handle system; the third is to pull, pull one to three times, and test whether the webbing in the handle is close to the top of the bag to be sewn before it can be used for a long time. Let's look at the nylon handle again. Nylon handles are used in traditional computer backpack styles. The higher density nylon is strong and durable, and the quality is guaranteed. In addition to its own quality, the nylon handle should be large, so that it is not easy to be strangled when it is extracted. It is the tightness between the nylon handle and the top of the bag. It is more important to check whether the sewing has secondary reinforcement treatment. 2. The zipper of the zipper pull head double-shoulder computer backpack is generally a business model to show rigor and fashion, so the double-shoulder computer backpack basically uses the No. 5 zipper, which is exquisite and tight. It is feasible without hindrance. Next is the waterproofness of the zipper, which is commonly used as a waterproof nylon zipper, because the nylon itself does not absorb water, but the nylon material is developed. The main test method is the degree of compression. If you choose a plastic slider for the slider of the backpack computer backpack, you must check its firmness; if you choose a metal slider, you must check its metal density; and the silicone slider must check its toughness. The slider is actually one of the design features of the backpack. His design lies in the double slider design, which opens and closes the backpack opening from both sides, which is convenient in use, thereby reducing the long-term damage of the slider and lengthening it. The service life of the zipper is improved.
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