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Common sense of buckle commonly used in custom luggage, toolkit customization

by:Huide     2021-09-24
Common sense of buckle commonly used in custom luggage duffel, tool kit customization 1. Buckle The material of buckle is generally POM, PP and NY. The buckle is composed of a male buckle and a female buckle. One end is fixed with a webbing, and the other end can be adjusted by a webbing. The length of the webbing can be selected according to different needs. It is generally used for fixing the shoulders and waist. In terms of craftsmanship, you can also authorize the design of color labels or LOGO on the face of the female button, or you can choose electroplating, silk printing, and color painting. Depending on the feel, it can also be polished, sprayed with rubber oil, etc. In terms of strength, the 25mm buckle used in a general casual backpack can withstand a weight of 40-50 kg. Of course, a good buckle can reach 80-90 kg. Tool kit customization. 2. Day deduction The materials for daily deduction are generally POM, PP, NY. Generally speaking, the day buckle is used on the shoulder straps of backpacks and shoulder bags to adjust the length of the webbing. In order to prevent slippage, many day buckles are designed with stripes in the middle of the buckle, and there are also two bars on the side that are enlarged to place themselves In terms of shape, most of the logos are similar to toolkit customization. 3. Ladder buckle The material of ladder buckle is generally PP, POM, NY. Ladder buckle is also used to shrink the webbing, generally used at the tail of the shoulder strap to adjust the fit of the backpack. In terms of the shape and function of the ladder button, there are not many classics. Duraflex's duckbill ladder button can be regarded as an immortal classic. 4. Rope buckle The material of rope buckle is generally PP, NY, POM. Utilizing the elasticity of the spring ring, the rope is stuck in a misplaced position. The rope mouth can be selected in caliber size, single hole and double hole, which is suitable for various OO ropes, nylon ropes, and elastic ropes. We can also design LOGO according to customer's requirements. The design of cord buckle is very different from before. There are many kinds, and there are also metal materials. 5. Hook button Hook button materials generally come from PP, NY, POM. The hook buckle is generally used on the side of the shoulder bag, one side is connected to the D ring, and the other side is connected to the webbing. Many alloy elements have now been added to make the hook stronger and the tool kit customized.
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