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Common sense of identification of luggage LOGO customization

by:Huide     2021-06-29
LOGO customization of luggage companies has become the current trend. Nowadays, many companies pay great attention to LOGO logo, LOGO symbolizes the representative of the company. In the design of LOGO logo, the essence is not only to highlight the corporate image, but also to highlight the strength of the company. Therefore, corporate LOGO design has become particularly important. So, let me talk about some common sense about luggage LOGO.  Silk printing: The effect of silk printing has a lot to do with the printed material. There are several aspects of the effect of silk screen printing. The printed silk screen should not have glue falling. You can try to paste it with glue paper to see it. The surface gloss has no pores, no rough feeling, a certain thickness, no background color of the material, and it is not easy to stick to dust. The edge of the silk screen is smooth and flat, without the feeling of dog teeth marks, and will not fade. Of course, it is more important to pay attention not to crack when printed on elastic materials. It can be clearly seen by pulling out the material. The color registration must be accurate and not shifted.  Electric Embroidery: The effect of electric embroidering has a lot to do with the vertical and horizontal pattern of the material. The effects of electric embroidery are mainly in these aspects, and the density must be enough so that the bottom material cannot be seen. The thickness should be uniform, not large or small, the edges of the electric embroidery should be even and smooth, and the edges should not be uneven. The connection should be trimmed clean. The rubber stamp will not be broken, will not be discolored, not sticky, the edges will be smooth, the surface content will be clear, and it will not deform or become soft even in high temperature areas.  Voltage: The general materials used for voltage are PVC and smooth soft leather. The compressed air should be full, not vented, flexible, smooth around and will not burst, and the lines are clear.   If companies want to customize their own brand LOGO, it is very important to choose a good backpack manufacturer. And it is one of them, which not only reflects the strength of the company, but also highlights the sincerity of the company. It has been more than twelve years since its establishment, with operating experience, complete room facilities, and a top-level professional Ru0026D and design team. It is a reliable manufacturer of luggage and bags!
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