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Common sense of the lining of customized luggage

by:Huide     2021-06-07
When it comes to custom-made luggage, how can you get less lining? How to judge the value of the lining? This is a very important factor, often low-end imitation bags, this is not done very well, because many people have not seen a real bag, and most people just look at the appearance to judge, seldom pay attention to the details inside , Most of the A products are wrong version, some super A products will also have the wrong version, but relatively few, because the real imitation bags are made by disassembling genuine bags, except for some materials. It is difficult to copy. Generally, the inner compartment and shape will be copied as the original version. This is also one of the reasons why the cost of Super A is different. As for friends who haven’t seen genuine bags, it’s not difficult to judge by looking at this part, as long as you pay attention to the lining material, good bag linings are all good linings, which look crisp, thick, and feel. Delicate, the connecting part of the inner lining and the bag is very fit, there are not too many wrinkles and accumulations, especially the joint part of the inner lining and the leather. Generally, the leather cut of the good bag is relatively straight and smooth, and the low-block bag This part can be seen at a glance, it is very rough, even degumming, disconnection, there is a good way to judge, see if there is a fake compartment, some styles of post bags, some A goods will be made in order to save craftsmanship Fake compartments, or directly sewn in craftsmanship, without making three-dimensional bags, so you can distinguish them easily. Besides, if you are more familiar with this style, or if you have the conditions, you can also carefully compare the texture and color of the lining. The real fine imitation bag is very close to the original one. The inner lining is glue, it is glue, the canvas is canvas, the velvet is velvet, what color it should be, the size of the compartment, the proportion, and the shape It should be very accurate. A goods are generally impossible to achieve, not to mention low-end goods, and even the internal shape can be changed. Luggage and bags in Shanghai Bags, gifts, luggage, environmentally friendly shopping bags, fashion shopping bags, trolley cases, backpacks, mountaineering backpacks, backpacks, and travel bags. For more information about customized luggage, please click.
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