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Common sense to pay attention to when customizing suitcases

by:Huide     2021-08-02
You must be careful when purchasing suitcases. The editor will share with you some common sense when buying suitcases: 1. First of all, you must choose well-known merchants or brands for luggage customization, and manufacturers with high reputation. Business units that have legal procedures for customization; 2. The requirements for luggage customization should not only be good-looking and peculiar, but products with appropriate specifications and fabrics must be customized according to personal needs, and products with complete identification and complete procedures must be customized. As long as you pay attention to the above points and be vigilant when making custom purchases, you will be able to prevent the slightest failure and avoid buying fake and shoddy products.
classification of travel trolley duffel cases
When purchasing or customizing a trolley duffel case, we mainly judge the quality of the luggage from three aspects, namely the selected material of the trolley, trolley case wheels, and luggage duffel fabric. Therefore, as an important part of the trolley duffel case, the choice of the trolley is very important, so what are the classifications of the trolley of the luggage? Today, the editor mainly collected some information from the material, shape, position, and length of the tie rod for your reference. First, according to the material, the rod can be divided into iron rod, aluminum rod, outer iron and inner aluminum rod. The all-aluminum material is relatively light, sturdy, not easy to deform, and has a relatively high cost. The luggage using this kind of trolley is generally not cheap, so it is more used in high-end luggage. Second, according to the shape of the tie rod, it can be divided into square tube, oval tube, round tube, D-shaped tube, drum tube, striped tube, etc.; Third, from the position of the tie rod, it includes built-in tie rod and external tie rod; Fourth, according to the length, the tie rod can be divided into 3 sections, 4 sections, and 5 sections. Therefore, when we check the pull rod of the trolley case, first check whether the pull rod fixed on the bag is firm and whether the pull rod moves smoothly. If it is a lever with a button, it depends on whether the button can pop up quickly after being pressed. Furthermore, it depends on the material of the tie rod, whether it is made of all-iron, outer-iron and inner-aluminum, or all-aluminum. From the above aspects, grasp the quality of the tie rods of customized luggage.
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