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Common sense version of outdoor backpack classification and characteristics

by:Huide     2021-08-25
Backpacks are now available to everyone, so what is the difference between outdoor backpacks and daily backpacks? According to outdoor sports items, the types of items are roughly divided into the following categories, and the characteristics of these types of backpacks are briefly explained.   Outdoor backpack climbing category:    is used for climbing on ice, snow and rock terrain in high-altitude mountains. The main features of the backpack are sturdy, wear-resistant and waterproof, compact structure design, convenient access to items, professional plug-in settings, and stable carrying. It is also called a technical climbing backpack. In addition, daily rock climbing activities also need to carry equipment and rope-specific backpacks.   Outdoor backpack hiking category:    hiking category is divided into single-day hiking backpacks and multi-day hiking backpacks. A backpack with a capacity of about 18 liters to 35 liters is needed for a single day hike, and a backpack with a capacity of about 35 liters to 45 liters is needed for multiple days. Used for trekking through multiple terrains such as jungles and mountains. The main features of the backpack are sturdy, wear-resistant, waterproof, strong carrying capacity, complete carrying system, and more external attachment points. This category of people accounts for about 80% of the outdoor sports group, which is the category with the most users.  Ice and snow outdoor backpack:   used for ice and snow sports. The main features of the backpack are sturdy, wear-resistant and waterproof, compact and lightweight, simple carrying structure, strong external binding force, etc., with special ski equipment such as snowboards and fixed settings.   Outdoor backpack riding category:    is used for road and cross-country bicycle riding. The main features are the compact structure of the backpack, light and comfortable carrying, convenient external strapping and binding, etc. It has an external or built-in helmet.  Outdoor backpack leisure category:   used for outdoor leisure, general travel or daily use: the main features are simple carrying structure, light weight and portability, reasonable compartment settings, etc.  Outdoor backpack for running:   Running backpack is a special backpack for daily running and cross-country running. Its main features are simple and compact structure, small backpack capacity, light and breathable carrying. This category of backpacks is more professional, and there are not many types to choose from, so it is relatively simple to choose. For daily running, choose a special water bottle pocket with a minimal load, and you can choose a special trail running backpack for trail running. Finally, no matter what kind of outdoor backpack, it must be arranged according to travel needs, according to the season, according to the content of the activity, according to whether it is camping, according to the size of your outdoor equipment, according to the travel environment, and fully consider the replacement of equipment and the increase or decrease of clothing during the activity. Wait. If you need to customize outdoor backpacks, no matter what type of outdoor backpacks, you can choose!
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