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Common soft trolley case fabrics for luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-06-19
The soft trolley case is a large category in the trolley case. The material of the soft trolley case is nylon, pu leather, canvas, cowhide and other soft materials. It is characterized by light weight, large changes in appearance design, and relatively flexible capacity. Jia, are they the same? The following editor will popularize the knowledge points of each material. Nylon is a kind of fiber fabric. The trolley duffel case made of nylon is durable, light and tough, has a certain waterproof effect, has a long service life and can be washed directly with water. Because of its good texture, rigorous and uniform appearance, it is deeply loved by business people on business trips, and because of its strong material functionality, it can be well-deserved to become a strong player in soft trolley cases, and the price is in the upper-middle level. PU is artificial leather, which is used to replace PVC artificial leather. Its price is higher than PVC artificial leather. In terms of chemical structure, it is closer to leather fabrics. It does not use plasticizers to achieve soft properties, so it will not become hard and brittle. At the same time, it has the benefits of rich colors and various patterns, and the price is cheaper than leather fabrics. So many buyers will choose him as a custom gift. The difference between the cowhide trolley case and the PU trolley duffel case. The cowhide is the fur of the cow. It contains a network of small fiber bundles, so it is highly breathable. The trolley duffel case made of cowhide is elegant and high-grade. So it has always been a special product for senior business people. It is mainly not widely used because of its low cost performance, and it needs careful maintenance after it is not used. The canvas is generally very light and thin, the material is very uniform in color, and it can be colorful and diverse. However, canvas trolley cases are rare. The reason is that trolley cases are usually seldom used. If you want to use them, they will always go out for a long time. They are continuous-use products. However, canvas is easy to fluff when used for long periods. .
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