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Commonly used fabrics and test equipment for backpacks

by:Huide     2021-05-30
Commonly used fabrics for backpacks 1. CORDURA CORDURA is a fabric invented by DuPont. It has the functions of lightness, quick-drying, softness, and strong durability. It is not easy to change color after long-term use. This kind of fabric will appear in two different colors when viewed from different angles. The reverse side of this material is coated. Normal rain will not soak the material, so it is better to customize the backpack to be an outdoor backpack or computer backpack Especially for schoolbags, in rainy and foggy weather, children no longer have to worry about getting the books wet. 2. In the customization of nylon backpacks, the fabric that is usually 70D multiples is nylon. This fabric has a brighter luster, abrasion resistance, strong resistance, and anti-aging. Dead wrinkles are very good. 3. Polyester polyester has breathability, moisture removal and UV resistance, and also has strong acid and alkali resistance. Generally, the fabrics with multiples of 75D are polyester, and the fabric is relatively darker than nylon, and is often used in backpacks. Custom-made lining. 4. OXFORD's warp yarn is woven by two strands, and the weft yarn is also relatively thick. Among them are 300D, 330D, 450D, etc., which are the main materials for custom backpack, such as large noodles, outer pockets and other parts. Backpack test equipment 1. Weight-bearing test, the backpack carries out the weight-bearing test, the purpose of which is to clarify the load-bearing capacity of the backpack and whether it reaches the expected goal. 2. Constant temperature and humidity test, mainly to test the cyclic changes of temperature and humidity of the backpack material, and the adaptability of storage and use under the damp and hot environment where condensation occurs on the surface of the product. 3. For zipper test, fix the zipper teeth on the testing machine, and fix the slider on the testing machine (up and down). At this time, the strength of the zipper teeth and the slider can be measured. 4. Tear strength test to detect the tear strength of backpack materials. Put the backpack material at a certain temperature and stretch at a constant speed until the maximum tensile force when it breaks.
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