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Commonly used methods of custom luggage inspection | luggage customization common sense | luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-06-05
Luggage refers to clothing made of various leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, plastic, and textiles as fabrics, plywood, plastic sheet, and cardboard paper as inner tubes, using hot pressing or vacuum forming, injection molding, and sewing processes to carry clothing A kind of functional travel goods, can also be used as business gifts. Travel luggage is a common tool in daily life, so its quality has attracted much attention. The editor reminds you that the key indicators of luggage verification are as follows: 1. Overall appearance. The body is required to be upright, upright and stable, without unevenness and skew. Leather fabrics must not have obvious injuries, artificial leather and synthetic leather fabrics must not have obvious bumps and prints, and the main parts of textile fabrics must not have defects such as broken warp, broken weft, or skipped yarn. 2. Quality of accessories. The main accessories include handles, pull rods, walking wheels, box locks, hooks, loops, decorative parts, etc. The surface is required to be smooth and free of burrs; the metal coating is bright and rust-free; the color of the surface coating of the sprayed parts is uniform, and there is no leakage or peeling. 3. Weight-bearing performance. It is required that suitcases, handles, side handles, side pull straps, and side mops are not broken, deformed, loosened, or damaged after testing under specified load conditions for suitcases of different specifications. 4. Wear-resistant and shock-resistant performance of walking wheels and tie rods. It is required that under the specified load conditions, qualified products can continuously travel for 8km, and after excellent products continue to travel for 12km, the walking wheels can rotate flexibly, the wear of the walking wheels should not exceed 2mm, and the tie rods should be pulled together smoothly, without deformation or looseness. 5. Impact resistance. It is required that there is no damage to all parts of the product after the drop test is carried out under the specified load condition. 6. The hard box is resistant to static pressure and the impact of falling balls. The surface of the hard box is required to continuously bear static pressure within 4 hours according to the specified load, the box body and the box mouth shall not be deformed or cracked, and the box shell shall not collapse. The box surface will not deform or crack after being impacted by 4000g steel balls. 7. The zipper is flat and strong. The main types of zippers are injection zippers, nylon zippers, and metal zippers. Each type of zipper has different models and has different requirements for flat tension. 8. Suture strength. The stitching strength of soft cases and travel bags is required to be no less than 196N. 9. Rubbing color fastness of leather fabric. It is required that the dry wipe is not less than level 4, and the wet wipe is not less than level 3. After reading this article, I believe you have a certain grasp of the direction of luggage verification. The information compiled by the editor here is limited. If there is something wrong, please consult experts and experts in the luggage industry.
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