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Computer bag maintenance tips-luggage custom manufacturers

by:Huide     2021-05-12
Computer bags are becoming more and more common. Although it uses a variety of fabrics, it is like a leather bag. You must pay attention to daily maintenance, so that you can use it for a long time and save yourself worry. Below, the editor has collected some common sense of computer bag maintenance, I hope it can help everyone! Common sense 1: Dry cleaning Most computer bags are made of nylon and canvas. These computer bags have more stripes and bright colors. When cleaning them, it is best to choose dry cleaning, so as to avoid their fading. Common sense 2: Air-drying. After washing with water, computer bags made of nylon fabric should be dried in the shade or air-dried as much as possible to avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent damage to the surface of the computer bag during the drying process. Common sense three: moisture-proof computer bags are mainly used to store laptops, so you should pay attention to moisture-proof. It is recommended to keep the moisture-proof agent that comes with the computer bag when you buy it. Common sense 4: Durability In order to make your computer bag more durable, you should avoid overloading or excessive pulling of your computer bag, and you should also prevent your computer bag from being stabbed or scratched by sharp objects.
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