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Countdown to school, is there still time for schoolbag customization?

by:Huide     2021-09-03
The countdown to the start of the new semester has begun, and many school bags have been customized. School bags can be distributed to students as soon as the school starts. However, there are some schools that are unable to customize the schoolbags they want due to certain factors. Therefore, these customers are more curious. Is there still time for schoolbag customization? I will answer this question for you.   Customized production of schoolbags has a certain period of time. At this time period, if it is customized, the decision can be made quickly. The order can be given to the factory within this week. If the customization party hesitates again, it may be too late. The schoolbag production customization process is completed from style determination, quotation, proofing, material procurement, production, shipment, etc. The entire production cycle is about 15-20 days, so if you can place an order to the factory in time this week , The custom party communicates with the manufacturer specifically, asks the manufacturer to help overtime, and it is okay to rush out the schoolbag as soon as possible. If you miss this time node, then the time will be too late. The real picture of customized kindergarten schoolbags for customers▼  Be sure to get the schoolbags before school starts. What should I do if time is too late? Customizers can choose the manufacturer’s spot schoolbags. The spot schoolbags are more popular if the manufacturer chooses one or two from the products of the year. The styles are made for sale, and the quality is generally not bad. However, in order to reduce inventory, there are not many styles to choose from on-the-spot schoolbags. In general, the off-the-shelf schoolbags can be uploaded with laser LOGO, and the production cycle In between 3-7 days, for customers who are in a hurry or have a small number of customers, spot schoolbags are a very good choice. For kindergarten schoolbag customization, please look for the manufacturer. Not only has a professional design and pattern-making team, but also an experienced production team. Whether it is pre-design, proofing, late-stage mass production, after-sales service, etc., it can satisfy customers from different aspects To meet your needs, we will produce customized schoolbag products for you. If there is a need for schoolbag customization, the exclusive customized free hotline is waiting for you at any time!
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