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Custom fashion and creative backpacks, starting from the choice of zipper

by:Huide     2021-07-10
Backpacks are becoming more and more popular and have gradually become a fashion trend sweeping the world. In today's society, everyone is pursuing their individual needs and striving for differentiation, so personalized custom backpack is rapidly emerging. At this moment, a specially customized fashion and creative backpack will let you break away from the worldly vision of the low-level masses and make you stand out. Nowadays, many companies prefer to purchase custom-made backpacks as corporate gifts, and backpacks are also popular in the gift industry.   customized fashion and creative backpacks, starting from the choice of zipper. Although the zipper on a backpack is not the main cost, it must not be ignored when customizing. Once the zipper of the main bag of the backpack is damaged a lot during use, it is a troublesome thing. A backpack with a broken zipper on the main bag, even if it is designed to be fashionable and creative, and to choose high-end fabrics, it will basically not escape the fate of being discarded.  No one will walk around with an open backpack, so the responsibility and mission of the zipper (especially the main zipper) are also very important. Generally speaking, the quality of the zipper determines the service life of the backpack. A backpack with the best texture and workmanship, the zipper that does not cooperate with the test is all for nothing. So, don't look down on this little zipper.  The sound of a good zipper is not loud when it is pulled up, and it is not smooth. The cloth on both sides looks dense and thick (not sparse like a net effect), and there is no change after repeated pulling a hundred times. The second zipper pulls up and wrinkles, the sound is still loud, or the cloth is very thin and sparse. If you repeatedly pull it on the backpack, it will open the thread, fall out of the teeth, bite the cloth, and lose teeth. When customizing fashionable and creative backpacks, you should choose high-quality contacts, and repeatedly check whether the quality of the zipper passes.  Customize fashionable and creative backpacks, look for it. Founded in 2004, the factory is located in Huadu, Guangzhou. It is a professional bag manufacturer integrating design, production and trade. It can be customized according to samples and drawings, or it can design and develop new styles to meet the personalized customization needs of customers. , Good quality is trustworthy!
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