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Custom luggage manufacturers look for how many misunderstandings have you stepped on

by:Huide     2021-07-10
The existence of luggage really provides a lot of convenience for people to store their daily travel items, and personalized luggage customization has become a very popular way of gift selection in recent years. Regarding personalized luggage customization, a topic that cannot be escaped is the choice of luggage customization manufacturers. There are many customized luggage manufacturers in our country, and the strength is mixed with real and fake ones. People who don’t know it are easy to step on the pit if they are not careful. In this regard, I have something to say.  1. The strength of customized luggage manufacturers should be confirmed.    If there are more customized luggage duffel manufacturers, it is easy to pick one, and I don’t know which one to choose. Many people in modern society will first search for relevant information on the Internet when looking for custom luggage manufacturers. However, the Internet information is mixed with genuine and fake information. When comparing people, don't listen to or believe in it, so as not to be deceived. When looking for a manufacturer, it is not necessary to go to the factory to see it, but in the early stage, it is necessary to inquire about the strength of the certified factory, past reputation, proofing strength, sample quality and other details. It is necessary to observe the true strength of the factory from the details. Don't think that some manufacturers take it seriously. Really powerful manufacturers can reflect their true strength in all aspects. 2. Keep in mind the principle of one cent for the price and one cent for the goods. The principle of one cent for the price and one cent for the goods will not be outdated. High-quality products, materials and workmanship are all high-quality, and the high-quality raw materials and craftsmanship are naturally at a price Not cheap, too cheap luggage, often the quality is very insecure. Therefore, when customizing luggage, everyone must clarify their budget, and choose the corresponding cost-effective raw materials according to the budget, and then make cost-effective luggage products. Don’t be greedy for cheap, so as not to customize luggage products of poor quality, and ultimately delay your own affairs!   3. customization production cycle should understand that there is a production cycle for luggage customization, not the customer can complete it immediately after asking for the goods. , Customized luggage duffel processing is actually a process of meticulous workmanship. For a luggage from design, material selection, out-of-standard, and then to mass production, each process is completed by workers, and it takes time. If you want to ensure quality , A certain production cycle is necessary. If the manufacturer replied that the customized luggage can be shipped within two or three days, you have to be wary of whether the manufacturer's workmanship is qualified. Therefore, when customizing luggage, you must understand your own delivery date to avoid being deceived.   Looking for custom luggage manufacturers is worth your consideration. Committed to the design, development, production and service of luggage, we have a professional team, and strive to serve customers and the market attentively. Strengthen cost control, select materials according to budget, ensure quality and delivery, meet every customer’s needs, and always focus on large The improvement of the quality and production capacity of the goods, the continuous improvement of the output and the craftsmanship of the products, the high quality is trustworthy!
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