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Custom school bags, starting from health and safety

by:Huide     2021-07-01
Childhood is in the developmental stage, and the bones have not been finalized. Choosing a suitable schoolbag can prevent children from deforming their bones. The new popular student trolley bag is a good choice. Compared with the traditional school bag, the trolley bag looks light and fashionable, and to a certain extent, it reduces the burden on children's shoulders. So, what details should be paid attention to when customizing schoolbags?   1. Cotton fabric: There are many kinds of schoolbags on the market, with different fabrics. Leather schoolbags are expensive and not suitable for children. Leather schoolbags are of poor quality and are easily damaged, cracked, and painted off. Schoolbags made of chemical fibers are easy to fall off and break. Cotton schoolbags are light and soft, feel good, wear-resistant, non-toxic, no side effects, good for health, and low in price. As the age grows, books and learning tools increase, and school bags will be replaced at intervals. It is recommended to choose cheap cotton school bags.  2. Exquisite and compact: 3-6 year-old children are young and weak, do not learn much knowledge, and have limited books and learning. Buying a small and exquisite schoolbag is enough. At the same time, the exquisite and small schoolbag carried on the children's shoulders is more coordinated with the children's body shape, and will not make the children feel overwhelmed and affect the normal development of the body.  3. Cartoon pattern: Children aged 3-6, because of the lack of playmates, like watching cartoons and are very interested in certain cartoon characters. Not only do they talk about them, but they also regard them as objects of worship.  4. Bright colors: Children need different schoolbags at different ages. Children aged 3-6 have obvious visual preferences. They usually like bright and bright things and think that schoolbags with bright colors are beautiful.   Parents may wish to choose schoolbags with cartoon images of justice and wisdom for their children, so that the cartoon images of justice and wisdom can become good friends of children and accompany them to grow up together. Children carry a schoolbag of the right size every day to grow up healthily every day. They are innocent and innocent. Don't let the gravity of the schoolbag become the greatest pressure.   The popular trolley bags are schoolbags specifically designed to solve the growth problem of children, because children are the future flowers of the motherland. Customized schoolbags, starting from health and safety! Founded in 2004, it is a customized luggage manufacturer that has been in business for more than twelve years. A custom manufacturer of schoolbags that makes you worry-free!
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