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Customize the backpack need to understand the common sense

by:Huide     2020-07-04

parsing customized bags need to understand the common sense, usually the customer need to customize a knapsack, often in a hurry to find two bags manufacturer to inquire about the price, then arrange the budget, but at the last backpack to place the order production time only then discovered the original inquiry and make the price different. Have some time to communicate with factory well, everything according to arrange production according to your meaning, why produce backpack always feeling is not you want that? Why will appear this kind of circumstance? Can you avoid this situation? Let the bag manufacturer to give you a detailed analytical backpack custom need to know some common sense.

1。 Backpack to customize how much minimum quantity right

in many people's mind impression of backpack production thought backpack processing production when the tailor shop, want a few bag a can make to place an order. Actually backpack production is not the case, the production of backpack is overall cooperation needs to be informed in accordance with the process according to the production can be made. If the quantity is very few inquiry such requirements as manufacturer first reaction is, The less number of overall cost allocation to each backpack will be very expensive) How much should charge you a? If you understand the backpack you'll understand when you order and procurement processes, backpack, customized need minimum quantity. Custom backpack production of the first process is the need to purchase raw materials, such as fabric, in material, pull head, zipper, metal parts, etc. , and then shift to open abrasive abrasive, purchasing raw materials, after cutting material immediately. Material, taken after arrange the print or embroidery, or spray. All out to do after suture process. Such problems arise, if only very small quantities of backpack, for factory is a big trouble, so the factory will be very reluctant to order. Even if the factory takes orders, there may be some process is also difficult to complete, because some process of backpack production process is to rely on industry chain upstream and downstream of the shop to cooperate to complete, if the order is too small hard to cooperate with upstream and downstream factory. So when you say the demand for the factory, the factory must ask you to customize how many quantity? In general custom backpack lowest minimum quantity should more than 200. Number more than 1000 from a production standpoint is more reasonable.

2。 How to handle backpack custom quality

it should be said that backpack is the quality of customer care most about. How to make custom process backpack customized quality to achieve satisfaction? Customer contact the factory now is through online way to contact, the preferred distance will not be able to guarantee the customer in order, then proofing is backpack before custom indispensable link. After the first sample to achieve satisfaction, big goods can be in accordance with the sample standard production, thus ensure the standard is clear, factory production order with the clear. This also avoids the customers and factories on quality standard communication error. A second request factory big goods the first batch of finished product to send samples, so as to fully secondary ensure that goods do not appear deviation, even at this time there is not up to standard quality loss is controllable. Finally still need big goods photos before shipment to ensure complete delivery and box of wheat and integrity, etc.

3。 Backpack logo how to order more decent

enterprise custom-made backpack usually need to order on their own logo, to the corporate image and publicity, this is understandable. But we also often see some enterprise custom bag logo on the surface of the death not coordinate to build. Don't reflect the quality did not reflect the company's brand image, it's not good. In order to make the logo is made, we should first analyze the logo to make the end there are several ways, usually practices such as embroidery, is commonly used, but must moderate size of the logo embroidery density ( Pin number is enough) In order to make a beautiful and delicate logo. Screen printing this way is generally suitable for single color logo, glue card this way is the bag of customized manufacturer logo made another kind of way, but need a certain number of can do. And the smooth metal card, this kind of practice is usually more high-end bags will use, the purpose is to let him present a make the finishing point. , of course, in order to make the logo or according to the design style of backpack to decide which way is more suitable for your own custom backpack.

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